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  1. Wow, yeah it is night and day difference. Prior to changing it over, the plane was barely flyable, I was not aware of this setting until I read it in a different forum for a different aircraft and throught to give it a try. I just flew a full flight and a few pattern flights, no issues at all. AP worked perfectly, flight modes worked as they should and overall stability was great. Now I can finally enjoy the plane!
  2. *** Try changing your Flight model settings to "modern" to match my photo below. I was in "legacy" and after I changed the setting, I had no more VS or SPD issues. Hope it helps.
  3. Issues Fixed!! -- I had to change my setting in MSFS to "Modern". Somehow I was in "legacy" settings and once I changed the flight model to Modern, all issues went away. Autopilot is stable, rotation speed is normal and the aircraft flies like a dream. Hope this helps.
  4. Hello! So I have been having major issues with this CRJ and posted a few times about them in this forum. My Autopilot was not capturing altitudes, I was not lifting off the runway until well over 180... ect After troubleshooting with a friend, we found the culprit of causing the issue! SETTINGS -> GENERAL -> FLIGHT MODEL -> "Modern" , Realistic. My flight model somehow was set to "legacy" and as soon as I changed it to "Modern" and Realistic... Everything now works perfect. The CRJ autopilot issues are gone, the aircraft lifts of shortly after Vr and it is VERY stable to fly. All issues I complained about were fixed by this change. I hope it helps.
  5. This was after adding flaps 1, 8 in, stable at 4000. A climb began at 1500fpm, ALT CAP brought the FD back down, but the aircraft never responded. As there is an ALT CAP, you have to then change the altitude, and try to VS it back down to the assigned alt. I used the tablet for performance as mentioned above. Then synced that performance to the simulator. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2021.03.16 -
  6. I set the MSFS payload settings to 0 then used only the performance on the tablet in the plane. Verified all was correct, Set to simulator ect. I still have no luck with stability using VS or Speed mode. It will work perfectly for a while then stop working, begin to climb then descend then climb again. ALT CAP is still hit or miss. Just now coming in on final descent, it continued descending in VS mode through the ALT CAP then the autopilot froze and was unresponsive. I'll keep messing with it. After restarting the game, the AP is back to normal but the ALT CAP and other various AP issues are still there. Also odd I cannot rotate until 180+ from an airport that is 840ft. Even empty with little fuel and trim set to 6.0 or even lower, i'm well above Vr before i'm able to become airborne.
  7. Thanks, I was adjusting it using the slider. I guess I never really paid attention to the FA haha. I'll give it a try.
  8. Hello! Great to see the CRJ 700 flying in MSFS2020. There seems to be occasional issues with the Autopilot. I often do not capture a successful ALT CAP with the autopilot on. I have tried in both Speed and VS modes but the FD will show a level off yet the aircraft continues to climb or descend hundreds of feet. Even thousands in some cases. The flight director shows the correct vertical speed and even will show the level off, but the aircraft sometimes will continue and not follow the flight director guidance. I also notice even after ensuring the weight and balance is correct, the ND trim is at 0.0 in flight. I have tried various fuel levels and various payloads, all within CG and MAC limits, yet the trim at 0.0 seems a bit odd, from takeoff to touchdown with the auto pilot on. When I was able to get the aircraft in a commanded descent from FL200 to 10,000 at a VS of 2500fpm, the FD and aircraft seemed stable, yet every 60 seconds or so, the aircraft would have an uncommanded pitch down to 3800fpm then back up to a climb of 1000fpm before settling back at 2500fpm descent. I was not using the VNAV function and the auto pilot was set up correctly. There were also deviations with lateral navigation. While traveling from the intermediate fix to the final approach fix into KMSP, the FD showed a continued course which matched the FMS yet the aircraft began a turn to the left, while the Flight director showed a correct level flight to the next fix. Overall... Excellent aircraft and I am happy to have it in the simulation. I look forward to continued updates and refinements. Cheers!
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