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  1. I am having the exact same issue. My ASUpdater just refuses to work and I can't update any of my products. I sent a ticket and posted over in the Updater Support section and have gotten no response. AS REALLY needs to just push full updated builds to customers' Instant Downloads page. This is absolutely ridiculous.
  2. Hello, Recently I've encountered an issue with the ASUpdater app. When I run it an attempt to update my installed products, it gives me the following log and doesn't display my installed products. I only have MSFS products and I have them installed in the default Community directory. I have tried just about everything to resolve this issue on my own but I believe it might be something on your end. When you read the log, it says it is unable to connect to your download server (server actively refused the connection). Any help would be much appreciated! I really want to get my CRJ upda
  3. I'm having the exact same issue with my updater. What fixed it for you?
  4. I tried the same thing with my VKB Gladiator NXT with the same results!
  5. Hey guys! Quick update! I think I mostly solved my performance issues. I switched to the Nvidia Studio Driver for my GPU. The Game Ready Driver was mostly the culprit. There’s still some optimization that I think could be done (changeable cockpit refresh rate via the EFB, etc.), but overall I’m extremely impressed with this release! I did my first shakedown flight and it went mostly flawlessly! I need to fly plenty of patterns with this bird - my landing was passable at best 😅.
  6. Someone on Reddit mentioned that if they use the APU for power as opposed to the GPU, the performance is much more normal. I haven’t been able to check into this but it’s an interesting observation.
  7. I’m at work so I can’t experiment right now, but if you disable all other aircraft mods does your performance change at all?
  8. For me personally it is smooth - again, akin to having the FPS manually locked at 30. The FPS is the same externally too.
  9. This is also my experience. I expect to lose a few FPS but not almost half.
  10. I do have quite a few mods, mostly scenery, but when I’m off work I will experiment. It’s a very odd issue. My FPS gets halved but it’s still very smooth - almost like the FPS is locked at 30.
  11. I have 32GB of RAM running @ 3200Mhz. The sim is also installed on an SSD.
  12. Hello, I’m not sure if anybody else is experiencing this issue, but as soon as I power the aircraft up (IE: turn on the external power), my FPS drops to half of what it normally is. For reference, at Flightbeam’s KDEN, with the external power off I get about 58 FPS. As soon as I engage the external power, my frame rate seems to get locked at about 30 FPS. I’ve never experienced this with any other aircraft. Lowering the cockpit refresh rate within the sim doesn’t seem to help, either. My specs: i7 8700K @4.9ghz GTX 1080Ti @1997Mhz 32GB of RAM @3200Mhz
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