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  1. Had this too. Seems maybe coupled to the thrust reversers. Landed. Reverse Thrust - Callout - Taxy - Reverse again. Call out. Can't specify if the postion of the aircraft has a role in it. Had it only once so far.
  2. - Landed. - Connected the jetway - Opened the passenger door and cargo doors - Waited for the announcement that all passengers had left (nice touch btw.) - Disconnected the jetway - Closed the passenger door. - "Welcome on board callout" played. Wheelchocks were in place. Nothing major ofc. I enjoy the CRJ a lot.
  3. Damn! Was sure I did that, Thanks. Solved!
  4. Can't toggle the parking brake, always returns to on. Remapped to a different key, still no dice. If I hold the assigned key, the brake is released. Manually using the lever doesn't work either.
  5. If you get timeouts on the cdn1.xxx URL. Change cdn1 to cdn2. Worked for me ;)
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