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  1. The CRJ has not been updated in the MS Store yet.
  2. Hi there, some suggestion for improvement... When popping up one screen, it will open to a large window, too large to be usefull. After resizing the window, closing and opening it again, the pop-up window will again open to a large window. Popping a second screen will result in a useless cluster of windows. It would be handy to have pop-up windows that remember the last size and place so we can open and close the pop-up windows as needed without having to resize and reposition them. And by the way, the aircraft is something you can be proud of creating!
  3. Aha, the Refueling Panel also requires the mouse wheel: open the latch on the left (POWER) with a left mouse click and the use the scroll wheel to power up the panel... It's like looking for easter eggs but rewarding anyway :-)
  4. @Mugz & @Svaly Thank you very much, the mouse wheel does the job! The refueling panel is still a mystery to me. I have power from the APU, hydraulics pressure from pump 3a, a fuel truck standing nearby and the MSFS default FUEL window popping up, but the refueling panel remains dead: no lights, nothing.
  5. Hi there! Is that only me? HYDRAULIC PANEL The switches for hydraulic pumps 1, 3A and 2 can only be set from OFF to ON. They cannot be reset to OFF or AUTO. Switch for pump 3B is working normally. ANTI-ICE PANEL Switches for windshield LH and RH do not work at all. Switches for the two probes are working normally. REFUELING PANEL does not do anything, even though I saw a video on YouTube where it was working. Any ideas? Best regards, Heiko
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