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  1. I have the same thing. Thought it was me or my PC doing something weird. same with the reversers, I can barely use them as the inputs seem to jump all over the place but they don’t seem to function either (yes I armed them!) because of this.
  2. Got it ... did another flight this morning at FL250 and C ALT was steady at 2500ft.
  3. Same for me! I thought I messed something up.. Googled it and apparatenly it (once?) was an issue for the CRJ in the P3D version, had something to do with pausing the flight at some point. I can't remember I paused anything. However, I did have to restart the flight after the FMC hung up on me while entering the flight plan before this flight. After ignoring the warning long enough, the "PASS OXY" came on and later the red alert appeared as shown below.
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