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  1. I know that bug with the visible pilots, but they weren't there. I also mentioned, that the displays still works and the buttons and switches also, but they didn't move or sound.
  2. No, never used the Drone at this session.
  3. Good evening, At my last flight, all knobs and switches animations stopped working. The sounds of them were also quiet then. Avionics, displays and lights still works as before.
  4. Now the Animations have stopped, displays and systems are still working fine. This happened without any modification of anything.
  5. I made more test in the last weeks, no TA or RA possible...
  6. Are we talking about RNAV and RNP or only RNP?
  7. But a simcrash is not the solution
  8. Okay, thanks. But that is strange. Why can I fly the RNP's then?
  9. I still get freezes of the WASM when flying. I first thought it is a Navigraph issue. I can also add, that the freezes are only happen at bigger STARS/APPROACHES. Happened at LPMA / BIGPI2X / RNAV Y 05 and VQPR / SUBSU1 / RNAV Z 15
  10. Sure, but TCAS seems only to be a dummy in the MSFS-Version, because the manual is ported from FSX. When a plane is almost crashing into you, I got a red diamond and "Traffic, Traffic", what makes no sence.
  11. The TCAS is not generating any TA's or RA's, which caused many close calls at my VATSIM-Flights. It's nice to see all the other planes, but this bug is present since the release of the aircraft.
  12. Is there a paintkit? Sorry if already asked, but we want to create a livery for our virtual airline ASAP
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