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  1. I wonder if Aerosoft would consider taking pre-orders for the Twin Otter ?? I certainly want to get my hands on a copy when it is released. A bit like putting my name on a waiting list for a luxury car...... Jerry
  2. Did I not read somewhere Mathias (??) saying that it was a bug with MSFS2020 itself and that for now, that ILS glide slopes should be captured by flying a gentle descent, not from level? Cannot remember where but I think that I read that for now, that this was the way to capture the glideslope. Jerry
  3. Quality always takes a little longer so this is one aircraft that is definitely going to be worth the wait. Judging by the preview screenshots so far, this is going to be a real winner for Aerosoft. I would put down a deposit now if I could ! Jerry
  4. Seeing these screenshots and their quality, I wonder how many people will look back at their old screenshots from FSX and see how much better MSFS2020 is. I will be deleting lots of my old FSX screenshots now. The screenshots above show just how much progress has been made (even with the update problems). Jerry
  5. Suggestions for the liveries.....Winair and Air Seychelles and TMA for the floatplane version. Jerry
  6. Two messages that I am waiting for...1) that I have won the Euromillions lottery and 2) that the Twin Otter has been released. Jerry
  7. With all the current problems due to the latest 'update' of MSFS 2020, I feel sorry for the developers such as Aerosoft who are now trying to aim at a moving target all the time. Previously, with FSX/P3D at least the changes were spread out over time, but with the constant problems and 'updates' to MSFS 2020 it must be a nightmare for developers of add-ons. An add-on which worked last week may not work this week and I guess that some will blame the makers of the add-ons. Not a happy situation to be in where products that you have spent months making are suddenly rendered poor by an 'update'. I would not like to be a developer of add-ons for MSFS 2020 at the moment. Jerry
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