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  1. Ah I see, thanks for clarifying
  2. Has that always been the case? I've never noticed it in any other aircraft but tbf I never checked, but I'm sure Vatsim controllers would notice that I'm flying 2000ft higher than my files cruise altitude?
  3. My cruise altitude was FL330, both PFDs were showing FL330, then I noticed that I was at 350 on both Volanta and Vattastic.
  4. Hey, @AaronLdescribed it well in his response, "speed decays way below target and the thrust seems to get way out of sync when I try to recover. Pushing the throttles forward to recover causes a big dip in Engine N1s then a strong surge". You can clearly see that demonstrated in the video, and from 0:11-0:14 (and if you take a look at the video I uploaded in the initial post) you can see how when I pull the throttle back the N1 instantly jumps back to ~82, then i continued to pull the throttles back then pushed them up to show the N1 dip, so it's basically to the point where I have 0 control over my throttles and N1, they automatically spool up OR they dip down when i push the throttles up.
  5. Is there any way to get a staff member/developer to take a look at this thread? I'd like to fly the aircraft.
  6. i don't think so, i have tried 100 and 200. And I just reinstalled the CRJ and it's still not working.. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2021-04-01 10-43-06.mp4
  7. You're describing the same exact issues that I'm having, all of the above.
  8. Yes I updated it, and I'm using the TCA Airbus throttle quadrant and yes i did calibrate it
  9. Hey, I'm not really sure if I'm doing something wrong or if it's an issue with my throttle quadrant or the aircraft itself, but when get to cruise and moved my throttle from Climb to manual, the N1 automatically spools up to the CRZ indicator on the N1, so I always end up overspeeding because I can't maintain speed without being able to move the N1 below CRZ. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2021-03-31 08-17-57.mp4
  10. Any idea when the -900 is releasing? I'm loving the -700 so far, looking forward to flying more Delta Connection flights in the -900!
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