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  1. Ok I found the solution to my issue. I don't know if it will fix others but after 10+ hours I have a fix. It was my bravo throttle quadrant. I had one of the blank switches set to avionic master. I unmapped it and now it works! I wouldn't close the thread as others may be having other issues
  2. Does the two green lights come on when you press the AP button
  3. Im having the same exact issues as Anibel, everything is the same. The plane continues to pitch up and AP doesn't engage not matter whether I do press the button on the plan, my yoke, my throttle or the keyboard. I even unbinded all of my AP settings to see if the actual button on the CRJ would work but have had no luck, no lights even come on to indicate it is on. I've tried on a yoke, on a flight stick and even unplugged the stick to see if any movement was causing the issue. I've also followed the guide and other YT videos to a tee spending all day from 11am to now at 10pm to get the issue
  4. I can confirm that me and a few other friends are having the same problem. No matter if you start the aircraft correctly with all systems on the default ATC says the power is off
  5. Im getting something similar in regards to the AP. When I watch other peoples videos when they engage the AP, two green lights apear next to it similar to speed mode and nav mode. Mine has no lights that come on and when I click it nothing happens.
  6. No 100% the marketplace updates at night sometimes, its not a set time as far as I know
  7. Does anyone know where I can see all of the routes that the CRJ flies in real life?
  8. Is this every time or just the first time. My sim already takes me 15 minutes because all the add ons
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