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  1. Is there any news somewhere they are working on it? They don't communicate anything...
  2. Aerosoft advertises "first complex third-party airliner" and it cannot even take a normal ILS approach. I don't know why something like that is sold if it can't even handle the most basic of things. Sorry but, that's not fair. There are free planes that can do that so that shouldn't be the problem. I hope it gets better.
  3. If they ignore it, it will be the last time i bought an Aerosoft product. I can use my money for other things, no problem.
  4. Will the problem still be fixed or will it just be ignored?
  5. I still have the issue. There is not even a terrain radar implemented, at least I have to be able to rely on the ILS/GS. We need it for bad weather conditions...
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