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  1. Here is the Simbrief and this is what I flew and VATSIM controllers didn't change my flight plan as filed. EDDFEDDB_PDF_01Jun21.pdf
  2. Flying in cruise using, entering the STAR and approach I dropped from 45fps to 5fps. At first I didn't realise it was triggered because of the FMC so I dropped my graphics settings to low, and went into window mode instead of full screen to no prevail. I then cancelled the route changes in the FMC and the frames instantly kicked back up to 45fps. Went to edit again and frames dropped instantly until finishing the route amendment and hitting EXEC. This used to be an issue with the Asobo 747 where if editing your flight plan mid-flight or at the very end the simulator dropped
  3. I do believe it goes up by however long you hold down the switch for, so you can rock it back and forth till your OCD sets in at the correct figure. And pilots don't care for exact figures, the figure they want to be over is the minimum on their loadsheet and under the maximum they'll burn on the flight be under their landing weight. So 100kg over is just excess for the next crew.
  4. @Mathijs KokI got over my OCD rounding to whole dollars at the fuel bowser years ago XD
  5. @Stefan Hoffmann CRJ-550 interior model doesn't have room in the model for a toilet anywhere There is a door at the back but the space between that and the cargo bay is less than a foot so impossible to fit a toilet. And the CRJ-550 model has the same EXT_CABIN_EMSSIVE.PNG.DDS texture in it as the CRJ-700. There is something funky going on with the difference in the colourisation but the file is the same. Compare the DDS files and when you turn the cabin lights on, the lights are totally wrong on the bulkheads and the front bulkheads a totally black. I started creating a CRJ-550 ca
  6. Regarding the differences of the CRJ 550/700/900/1000. I know each has different capacities in terms of passengers but why does the 700 and 1000, having the higher capacity versions despite having the same fuselage, have more range than the 550 and 900 at lesser capacity? I'm unsure about the 900/1000 but I would have thought that since the CRJ 550 carries less people, has less seats therefore less empty weight, why wouldn't it have a longer range? Also the CRJ 550 doesn't have any toilets in the cabin... (also the emission texture in the CRJ-550 is the emission texture from the CR
  7. The SDK is continually being updated and developed and you are taking comments from developers from 6 months ago about the SDK regarding complicated flight systems and dynamics and saying they are still relevant. Aerosoft probably have the best contact with Asobo about getting things fixed but I don't think spoiler and flaps axis is an issue to do with the SDK but more of a bug and/or oversight in a variable not being linked with Asobos default variables and the variables that Aerosoft are using. The flaps is being registered as being moved by a phantom input so I would assume the spoilers wou
  8. Yes, it shouldn't be firing off events, but it does... and there is a subsequent issue that severely affects the performance of the aircraft without alerting the user. If we don't deal with the bugs after updates, then we might as well walk away from developing add-ons.
  9. I use SPAD.neXt as well for my Logitech panels but people shouldn’t have to have third party custom software just so their planes work perfectly with plug and play devices into the Simulator. As I said the issue isn’t that Asobo have stuffed up again with sending phantom inputs when returning from the menu. The issue is for Aerosoft that the CRJ in no way displays the spoiler phantom inputs so users have no in dictation that the spoiler is deployed to 50% like it does with the flaps.
  10. By phantom inputs, I mean the computer is making inputs out of nowhere that is not made be the user through devices. I have the entire TCA Quadrant with TCA Addon aka with the flaps and spoilers controls. The main issue is the CRJ shows no indication that a phantom input has been made with the spoilers leaving the user unknown to the fact that the spoilers are now halfway deployed after returning from the menu.
  11. Have done a video showing the issue. Scenario is climbing at 250 knots in CLB SPD as you can see on the PDF. I then go to the menu and back into flight where then you will see on the left EICAS that the flaps have been deployed to Flaps 8 but the lever is not shown to have moved. I reset the flaps by moving my Thrustmaster axis from the 0 to 1 to 0 position and you'll see the flaps fully retract and the indication disappears from the EICAS. As I said above, this animation is shown in the external model. I then let the plane settle and you will see that the spoilers leve
  12. It's not a major issue if you know what is happening. But with those people out there who haven't figured out that the CRJ has 50% spoilers out after coming form the menu or starting a flight will think something is seriously wrong with the aircraft since the update. I know the CRJ is built different to Asobo aircraft, but would be good for the CRJ systems to register that the axis had a phantom input with the spoiler like it does with the flaps until the problem is fixed by Asobo would be good and that the spoiler inputs reach their extremes no matter what speed you move the axis.
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