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  1. Jo


    You crushed it mate. Awesome...


    This looks amazing. The wait was/is clearly worth it.


    Spent some time zooming on each pictures and I saw a great deal of details... The textures are gorgeous...


    I like the that the underpath of the runways are included... 


    This made me wonder if 1. 127 bis steenokkerzeel, 2. spotting area and 3. underpath would be included as well?




    Same with railtrack and tunnel next to runway 1....



    I guess we ll have to wait to find out but again....wow. just wow. 


    Thank you for your work




  2. On 11/18/2021 at 9:27 PM, Mathijs Kok said:


    Honestly, people always think this is a cutthroat business, but nothing could be further from the truth. Just check whose product we sold in box in the last ten years. Or check whose products we now sell in our shop. 


    We really miss the shows and events where we meet and drink beer.




    I didn't doubt that for a second... (PMDG and others being close to Aerosoft which is a Major player in the community) I attended a few of these shows myself and the feeling is shared (miss those nice diners in Vegas, Lelystad, ...




  3. 8 hours ago, Thorsten42 said:


    Yeah its really looking great. Oh and I actually hope that EBBR will be released long before the PMDG 737 as I don't think it will make it before early/mid next year (and not meaning that negative in any way but it will need time if you read between the lines of their own updates and news) :D


    Aiiie...we ll get slaps from Mathijs if we use this tread to discuss another product which was not my intention but I had to answer to you to tell you that Robert r. wrote that pmdg wants&hope to make the 737 a 2021 product ....so in other words, I hope ebbr will be in 2021 as well....


    Anyways...both will be ready when they will be ready whenever that is as we both know. I hate myself for being so darn impatient as a kid for EBBR but the 8 years of patience did that to me... I ll happily fly ebbr with wathever AC and the longer it takes, the better it will be....







  4. Thank you Mathijs & Jo.

    The shots obviously look good.

    I'm just puzzled about the fact that you are still figuring out how many quality hangars will be included which makes me believe the airport i thought was around the corner is still far off.

    Anyways, we have been waiting for 13 years and Jo is in charge so I guess another year will not hurt

    As JBF23 mentionned, it will be the most vivid airport and qualitywise, having seen Koln and the screenshots in this thread.... there is no worries to have.

    Looking forward to this..

    Keep it up

    Thanks for your share


  5. I m currently in Dubai for work. Was in Ebbr yesterday and thinking of Jo... today...as I was walking towards the souk from the metro station...I saw this (see picture) which obviously me reminded me I had to check the forum for any update and here it is....a gift from jo.

    Amazing job. Take all the time you  need. Clearly worth the wait. 

    Thank you


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  6. Jo Erlend, Mathijs,


    Once again, the screenshots you have shared with us are incredible.

    Isn't already time though to share a few more with all of us including those monitoring this thread daily.


    Take all the time you need to finish EBBR Jo, we all know it will be well worth it and that EBBR is finally in good hands (with a lot of people envyng us EBBR guys).


    At this time, given the screenshots we have seen, it clearly shows that once again, attention is put to the details as opposed to rush a scenery out for money... 


    We are in for another masterpiece from Jo which i am conviced will surpass Koln (that i discovered via Filbert flies ranking).


    Hopefuly, the wait will not be long anymore.

    Meanwhile, I am enjoying Koln.


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  7. Jo Erlend, I discovered your Trondheim & Koln sceneries via Filbert Flies youtube channel and his TOP 10.

    Filbert has taste !!!


    I was blown away by Koln...

    What a fantastic job !!! 


    Right before that, I had no idea who was the developper working on EBBR although I had seen your name on this forum thread.

    Been watching this thread since day one now...even spent 3 days around the airport taking pictures for Aaron back in the days....and beta tested (though it finally did not come out).


    Now, to realize that the developer who is now working on EBBR for Aerosoft is the one who pulled Koln is just a real treat.

    Been waiting for 7 years patiently monitoring this thread every few weeks..

    I have no doubt the patience will be well worth it.

    Thank you for this passion you put into your sceneries.


    Great to see AEROSOFT making the best airports and Aircrafts for MFS (can't wait for tuesday 😉

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