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  1. I m currently in Dubai for work. Was in Ebbr yesterday and thinking of Jo... today...as I was walking towards the souk from the metro station...I saw this (see picture) which obviously me reminded me I had to check the forum for any update and here it is....a gift from jo. Amazing job. Take all the time you need. Clearly worth the wait. Thank you
  2. Jo Erlend, Mathijs, Once again, the screenshots you have shared with us are incredible. Isn't already time though to share a few more with all of us including those monitoring this thread daily. Take all the time you need to finish EBBR Jo, we all know it will be well worth it and that EBBR is finally in good hands (with a lot of people envyng us EBBR guys). At this time, given the screenshots we have seen, it clearly shows that once again, attention is put to the details as opposed to rush a scenery out for money... We are in for another masterpiece from Jo which i am conviced will surpass Koln (that i discovered via Filbert flies ranking). Hopefuly, the wait will not be long anymore. Meanwhile, I am enjoying Koln.
  3. Those 8 years + were worth it Those screenshots of the interior are just like the real thing (and i fly in and out of there a lot) Amazing work. I can smell the kerozene/airport smell..... seems like very close now reading Mathijs posts. Congratze Jo for a masterpiece.
  4. Jo.. amazing...really. The level of details is amazing thank you
  5. Please Mathijs, please...a small update and some new screens or info to help us hanging in there 😉
  6. Jo Erlend, I discovered your Trondheim & Koln sceneries via Filbert Flies youtube channel and his TOP 10. Filbert has taste !!! I was blown away by Koln... What a fantastic job !!! Right before that, I had no idea who was the developper working on EBBR although I had seen your name on this forum thread. Been watching this thread since day one now...even spent 3 days around the airport taking pictures for Aaron back in the days....and beta tested (though it finally did not come out). Now, to realize that the developer who is now working on EBBR for Aerosoft is the one who pulled Koln is just a real treat. Been waiting for 7 years patiently monitoring this thread every few weeks.. I have no doubt the patience will be well worth it. Thank you for this passion you put into your sceneries. Great to see AEROSOFT making the best airports and Aircrafts for MFS (can't wait for tuesday 😉)
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