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  1. Good Morning, I went to do a flight out of KDFW last night. Everything went well until I clicked departure after click KDFW in the F-PLAN page. Everything started running very slow, with about 10 second MDCU input lag. Then, once I selected the runway and SID, the transitions just didn't show up. I waited for about 5 minutes, and nothing. After that I entered a different DEP airport, and there was no input lag and all of the transitions were there and worked just fine. Any help is appreciated. If you need anything else let me know. Thanks, VZ626
  2. I have quarterly updates, so right now I have cycle 2014, which is a bit outdated, but it is only my second cycle of my subscription. I select the A320, click update in the top panel, then press download.
  3. Good Morning, I am having some trouble getting my Aerosoft A320 nav data to update. I put the path of my FSX in the installer, it installs, says install success, but then when I go into the sim my A320 is still on AIRAC 1511. Any ideas? If you need me to attach pictures or some sort of log file, let me know.
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