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  1. Hi SimWare Thank you for your answer but FLAP AXIS (-100 TO 100%) is working, but taking into account only a very narrow part of the full range as mentionned by Thijs010 Would be great if Aerosoft changes it for a full range usage, so we can play with SENSITIVITY in MSFS CONTROLS to aligne flap positions in game So it is possible Just have to wait
  2. I'm using TCA Quadrant extension here under I'm sure there is a solution; it has 4 positions (but it is an axis) and it is working well with both MSFS and FBW A32X SPOILERS, on the left, has 4 positions and is an axis as well, and it works very well with the CRJ
  3. By default FLAPS settings is "FLAPS AXIS (-100 TO 100%) with "Joystick L-Axis Z" on my TCA quadrant but it only move either 0 flap or full I tried "FLAPS AXIS (0 TO 100%)" and "SET FLAPS (CONTINUOUS)" without success do you have any suggestion?
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