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  1. Hi, Experienced this two time since last update. After a pause while airborn (not active pause but pause in the menu), when I resume, the engine are both off, so no more power. I can start them again but all my flightplan is lost... Never experienced this with initial release...
  2. I've had the same bug 2 times in my last flights ! Not everytime though
  3. Yes I tried it putting all by myself it was easy. I am familiar with CRJ200 in Xplane, it's mostly the same I just got a huge problem : if I enter an incorrect or unknown navpoint in the FMC, there is an error (expected) but then I can not discard this error and need to start all over again (the whole flight))
  4. Hi there, Trying to do the tutorial flight but : - Tutorial files (situation, flight plan etc.) provided are for a fly from EDLP to LFPG and tutorial PDF Vol3 is for a flight from EDLP to EDDM... - How do you open the situation file ? Perhaps I'm the first one trying the tutorial (that's bad )
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