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  1. Thanks! Is their a section where the known issues are mentioned? Including items being worked on etc ?
  2. Conclusion: If you want to use the flaps axis of the bravo. Its possible but readout your flaps setting on the MFD? Because the physical flaps lever (animation) of the CRJ is not showing the correct setting in this combination with the bravo.
  3. Did not have allot of time to investigate this, since work etc This weekend I will deep dive into this and try to make some screens for sure . (if not today) And if its a bug we will just report it! Together we will make it the CRJ even better It could be interesting if some one can verify this?
  4. Hi, I think you can use the FLAPS axis of the bravo, the flaps lever in the cockpit is showing the wrong value. On the MFD is shows the correct value. I will post some Screenshots later today. Not sure if its a bug. Regards, Mark
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