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  1. I mentioned in the post about autopilot going haywire that I’ve had exactly this issue. Plane climbs fine until over mid-30k feet and then just pitches up. Anti-ice had been on but turned it off when this started happening. Throttle in climb detent (even max throttle didn’t help). Couldn’t get autopilot to stop pitching up just as described above so just turned it off to finish the flight.
  2. Had this problem too climbing around FL370 all was going well (AP on, nav and speed mode set to 250). Suddenly the plane started losing power (was in climb detent) and pitching up. Had to disconnect AP. Leveled out and set the alt to my current alt. Turned on AP and it just kept pitching up. First time I’ve seen this (second flight since patch). Had to fly the rest of the flight manually.
  3. Thanks for this. Do you mean the FO’s FMS or the pedestal radio?
  4. Just something to note on this subject, if you set your flaps with a flap lever (axis) on your throttle instead of a switch/button, the flap handle in the aircraft moves but the flaps themselves don’t. So you will see the incorrect flaps config warning on takeoff even though the flap handle is set at 8. Just a heads up.
  5. Yeah what I’m saying is even if you don’t manually enter it, on the other aircraft in the sim it will automatically update when you press “acknowledge atc transmission” in the atc window. With the CRJ this doesn’t happen which makes me think the sim doesn’t know where to enter it on this aircraft and that’s why it doesn’t understand when you enter it there. Just a guess.
  6. Regarding this issue on other aircraft, if you don’t manually enter the squawk code on all the default aircraft the code automatically appears as entered when you read back the ATC instructions (in other words the sim enters it in the correct location). This doesn’t happen in the CRJ.
  7. Getting the same issue. Constantly getting terminated with the right squawk code.
  8. Managed to get the button working. I think it would be great to have some feedback when you have engaged reverse thrust. Maybe that's why many people are confused about it not working? At least for me the reverser handles on the throttle don't appear to move. Is there another way to tell other than the movement of the plane? There is no indication on the actual engine model either.
  9. There was a similar topic to this that got closed prematurely I think so sorry for starting a new one. I have a Virpil MongoosT50 CM2 and use the flap lever to control the flaps. On all other aircraft in the sim the flap settings are spread out throughout this levers travel. For the CRJ (as mentioned by someone else in the other thread) all of the flaps settings are contained within the first quarter of the full range of the flap lever making it difficult to select specific settings. Is there a way to calibrate the range for flaps?
  10. Same issue here with Virpil MongoosT50 CM2 Throttle. Holding the button works fine in other aircraft but not in the CRJ.
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