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  1. Are Scan ever going to receive stock? Does anyone even still have a pre-order with Scan?
  2. I guess we will just have to be patient but tbh I won't be surprised if Scan pulls an Amazon.
  3. @Marius Ellenbürger I ordered with Amazon Sept 30th 2020. My ordered got cancelled today. I ordered with Scan early March 2021. My order got delayed. What are my chances right now of getting a bravo if I order with Aerosoft? Considering we are in May 2021.
  4. Unfortunately, I too haven't received any emails from Scan... I pre-ordered on the 15th of March.
  5. I really really hope Scan doesn't pull an Amazon on us...Second time delayed.
  6. Marius, Do you ship to England? If you do I'll place an order right now. Ordered with Amazon UK back In Sep 2020 but received nothing, I'm aware that people have pre-ordered since Spring 2020 but it's still unacceptable. I get told that ''stock is on the way'' but when I ask ''when'' they reply with '' I don't have that information''
  7. Marius, If an order for the Bravo was placed during March this year when do you think the order will arrive?
  8. I might order from Aerosoft right now to be honest, at least they have an estimated delivery date. This is a though call to make as some people that ordered via Amazon UK already have their quadrants but to be fair they order way back in June.
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