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  1. It's pretty obvious that one of the partners is not ready for some reason and aerosoft has to wait. I am sure they are very ready
  2. I don't know if I am more anxious about the announcement or curious about the reason why it's taking so long
  3. Yes, that will probably come after the announcement, when more streamers will be allowed to show the CRJ in flight. I think twitch will be particularly interesting tonight
  4. Nice, congratulations. Would you mind writing a brief review about it? I am considering it because it looks very well made but I am a bit concerned by the fact that it does not "clamp" anywhere. I wonder if it moves around when doing abrupt maneuvers
  5. you can do that. In the alternative you can use the speed mode so that the CRJ will keep the speed constant. If you decrease the throttle, it will descend faster to keep the same speed
  6. We need the announcement of the announcement: the time and timezone, please!!! We will all be here on the forum to read it live 🙂 Just to make the release a bit more complicated 😉
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