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  1. If I’ve received an email with an invoice does this mean it’s shipped?
  2. Good for you but that’s even more outrageous of Amazon having cancelled the orders of many from way back.
  3. They'd better bloody not have after cancelling my order from last August!
  4. You're welcome, I also ordered one! Within twenty minutes they were all gone. Let's hope it's real physical stock...
  5. Aircraft Model Store in the UK has some in stock. A little over retail at £299 but still....
  6. Did you mean the 16th? I ask as Scan opened this for pre-orders briefly on the 16th but I didn’t think you could order before that.
  7. I thought AS IS the distributor that supplies Amazon, SCAN etc.?
  8. Of course there’s more profit to be had from selling direct to the end user than to a retailer such as Amazon. Just sayin…..
  9. In other news I saw that a Bravo sold on eBay (UK) for £720. I'm guessing the latest news has made these even more 'desirable'....
  10. I was NOT condoning the previous posts just acknowledging that it's uncommon these days for anyone to hold their hands up and admit they were wrong.
  11. Well done, I admire you for your honest and humble response. We don't see this sort of behaviour on the internet very often, more's the pity.
  12. Email received just now: ” Dear Customer, Thank you for your pre-order. Unfortunately, we have to inform you that we are not able to ship your order within the indicated time frame. Due to the global semiconductor shortage, which is currently affecting many markets across the industry, the production of the Honeycomb products has been temporarily stopped and the deliveries planned for Aerosoft are delayed. The manufacturer informed us that we cannot expect further deliveries until August / September 2021. As soon as we have further information regarding the production line and the deliveries, we will of course let you know as soon as possible. We are very sorry for the delay and the inconveniences! With kind regards, Your Aerosoft Team”
  13. What I don't understand is why Aerosoft seemingly aren't able to give Scan at least an estimate even if it's far in the future. They must have a projection of incoming stock etc. to set against their own direct sales and those to other vendors. It's not rocket science.
  14. Given that Scan reopened pre-orders for the Bravo, albeit for a brief period, you'd have to surmise that they must have been given an expectation of receiving some stock in the medium term to fulfil those pre-orders. That would have come from the distributor and would have been based on their own anticipated inventories. It may be that it's just a further delay due to Covid / Brexit / Suez Canal / whatever and that Scan will get some soon but I for one am fully expecting a delay notification email with an arbitrary future date around end of May when we can do this all over again.
  15. Chatted with Scan this morning and they are still saying they expect to be able to deliver my order on 26th April. Let's hope that's right but I'd be unsurprised if I got another delay notification email in the meantime.
  16. Thanks for the heads-up, I've placed an order with Scan. Let's see what happens...
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