We are looking for two additional A330 pilots to join our advisory team.  We will ask for credentials (sorry for that), but if you are willing to assist contact us on mathijs.kok@aerosoft.com

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  1. Hi, Before the release of the CRJ, I noticed that the switches (more specifically the landing gear lever) has no animation. The lever will instantaneously go from the down to up position and vice versa. At the time, I asked about this issue in forum, to which Mathijs replied saying that it would be fixed. I am wondering as it has been over three months since release, what is the status of the switch/lever animations in the cockpit? Please see original promise below: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/155410-aerosoft-aircraft-crj/&do=findComment&comment=1019818
  2. I have this issue as well. Last time I posted a thread about it months ago, Mathijs thread-locked and user-blamed and provided no fix. Still three months later the CRJ is in just as bad shape throwing off false alarms on every takeoff and most landings making the CRJ unflyable for me. See original thread here:
  3. I also second this request. Currently, you cannot see other CRJ pilots using the nameplates because the "CRJ" does not show up on the text under the other player's usernames.
  4. If it's not "completely broken", could you explain what works and what doesn't? If we change the weight using the EFB, and then set payload in the sim, will that work? This is a bit vague and does not help understand what works.
  5. Thank you for looking into it again. It's likely not reported often because 1. a lot of people do not know about this support forum 2. people may not know it's an issue 3. some people do not fly as much as others and may not notice yet that the issue is persistent. That being said It's not a "major" issue and other bugs would understandably take a higher priority, but I would like it to be considered appropriately rather than brush it off as a sim issue so one day it gets fixed.
  6. Yeah it seems like Aerosoft is very quick to label issues as "sim issues"... After 1,100+ hours played in the sim, I have yet to encounter ILS glideslope issues like seen in the CRJ. The A320 and CJ4 fly ILS approaches pretty flawlessly in my experience. The fact that the issue seemed to get worse after the latest update is also concerning. How did this pass QA? Being able to fly an ILS approach on a $50 add-on should not be an issue.
  7. If you are confident that it's a sim issue, then why not "tweak" it until the sim is corrected? It's broken right now, it doesn't make sense to wait to fix it on the off chance that Asobo fixes it in the future. Are you really sure it's a sim issue if none of the default planes experience this issue? I have 1,100+ hours played on MSFS to date, most of which were in the A320 and CJ4 and I have not experienced this issue at all. It's really hard to understand how this could be a sim issue when it's a problem so far unique to the CRJ.
  8. The Dude was able to recreate the issue on the official Aerosoft tutorial video... in fact he even claimed that the GPWS warning sound was a "beta thing" and would be gone in the final version. See here at the 19:30 mark of the take off tutorial video - the warning incorrectly sounds as he is on his initial takeoff: A bit interesting to think it's the terrain model. I haven't experienced this issue on any other plane even those that have terrain radar (A320, CJ4). What makes you think that this is the cause meanwhile there are no issues with the other default planes?
  9. What is this? It was added in the latest update, but no explanation was provided as to how this works and what it is. I thought this meant that the ILS glideslope issues were fixed, but my first flight after the patch resulted in a failed ILS into KLAS 26L because the plane failed to fly the glideslope and instead flew well below it and would have crashed into the ground without manual intervention.
  10. Still having GS issues after the update. ILS 26L at KLAS sends you into the ground long before the runway. What is this "Custom Glideslope Hold" feature that they added?
  11. Xbox controller rudder axis fix is one thing confirmed in the first update. Not sure what else.
  12. This video sums up my experience with this bug. It happens exactly as you see here during the takeoff.
  13. This is not the case. I am getting the warning even with positive rate after rotation.
  14. I am experiencing and issue on almost all my takeoffs when I am a few hundred feet above the ground immediately after takeoff, the CRJ sounds an alarm "Too Low Terrain". Is anyone else experiencing the issue? I would not expect the warning to go off in these cases.
  15. What's concerning to me is the official reply to your original post: "Reason is quite simple: SBRJ is not in the database that comes with the CRJ. This is quite normal, as the data are coming from Lufthansa Systems and when none of their commercial customers requires this airport it is not included in the database." So the official response from the devs is "if it's not an airport that Lufthansa deems necessary, good luck in the sim"... that is unacceptable in my opinion. We should have the full database of airports regardless of if the real plane flies there or not.
  16. I also had this issue. The fix is to move the camera to a better angle to get around the spoiler lever.
  17. Without this change it appears to the user that the cockpit switches are broken. I also experienced "stuck" switches last night and the standard method from all the other planes in the sim to move does not work. It's not intuitive to use the mouse wheel as it is to move the curser to the top or bottom of the switch to control the direction of movement.
  18. Does the spoiler axis work for the speed brakes? I haven't had a chance to try that out yet.
  19. I am using the Playstation 4 controller. I just realized there is a topic about the Xbox One controller rudder not working. I believe this is the same issue that we will need Rudder Axis Left and Rudder Axis Right to be allowed to map to the rudder.
  20. Hi, I discovered that the rudder does not work with my joystick. The Rudder Axis Left and Rudder Axis Right keybinds do not work. I find that the standard Rudder Axis binding works, however this is a problem because my joystick does not support Rudder Axis (the controller uses the left and right triggers for rudder axis). For other planes in the sim, I must assign Rudder Axis left and Right for the rudder to work, but unfortunately these keybinds seem to have no affect on the CRJ. As a result, I have no rudder control right now. Can you please allow us to map Rudder Axis Left and Rudder Axis Right to the rudder control of the plane?
  21. I am very happy to report that VR works really well with the CRJ. I have the Reverb G2 and it looks really good. The displays are readable, but the zoom in feature is nice when you need it. I don't have any mouse issues, and I find all the buttons pretty easy to click including the EFB. FPS was solid over Las Vegas and San Francisco. Overall a great experience!
  22. Is anyone else having troubles with Altitude hold? The CRJ does not want to seem to hold my altitude and will even randomly climb 1000+ feet over the altitude preselector even with the proper altimeter settings.
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