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  1. My issue was specifically with the anti ice itself and not pitot heat. I haven't unmapped any switches, I just make sure that when I turn on the wing and cowl anti ice in the crj that I also activate the mapped hardware switch as well. I have flown multiple flights in icing conditions now and haven't had a single problem. I would say use your hardware in conjunction with the vc switches and see if the autopilot behaves.
  2. Its definitely an icing issue with the simulator. The icing effect is way overdone and aircraft pickup thousands of pounds of ice almost instantly. Try binding a switch to anti ice and turning that on in conjunction with the overhead panel switches and see if that fixes it. That's what worked for me, I've had several flights with no issues now using this method. It seems like the switches for wing and cowl anti ice aren't triggering the full de ice system in the simulator.
  3. I have found the solution to this issue. It seems to be an issue with how the simulator treats button mapping. If you have a switch mapped to anti ice make sure it is switched on along with the overhead switches for wing and cowl anti ice and everything should work as intended. It seems that if you don't have your mapped switch turned on, the simulator will act like your anti ice is turned off even though the switches on the overhead panel are activated. I've tested it several times and every flight the autopilot has performed perfectly so I am confident this was the issue. Thank you Aerosoft for such a fantastic aircraft. Paired with MSFS it is about as close to flight sim perfection as you can get. You may close this topic, I feel that it is resolved.
  4. I have been running into this issue as well. Do you have any controls mapped to anti Ice? I found that when I had a switch on my Bravo quadrant mapped to anti ice that I had to switch that on as well as the wing and cowl anti ice switches on the overhead panel. It seems to be an issue where the sim ignores the clickable switches if you have a hardware switch as well.
  5. Tried another flight this morning and couldn't reproduce the advisory vnav fix, it had no effect on the vs and speed mode issues this time. However the common denominator is icing conditions and the use of anti ice. I was flying the FLATI2 arrival into KDEN and the des speed mode was working perfectly. However once I got the eicas message that ice was detected and turned on the wing and cowl anti ice, the speed mode failed to work and would not maintain the airspeed selected. I think there is a bug with anti ice and the speed mode. This is also causing vs mode to fail as well and the autopilot will not follow the vs rate I have set. I know there is an effect on descent rate when anti ice is engaged due to increased N1 but I don't see why turning anti ice on would cause the vs and speed modes to stop working.
  6. CaptMike2, I think we're likely seeing the same issues. I was struggling with this earlier and noticed that when I disabled the advisory vnav in the perf page the autopilot started following the vs and speed modes I had set. It might be a fluke as I haven't had a chance to duplicate it on another flight but maybe give it a shot if nothing else is working for you.
  7. I reformatted the screenshots submitted earlier showing the speed and vs mode issue:
  8. Nope, I made sure to only use the EFB to load the aircraft to avoid this having any impact. I just used that screen to show that the empty cg setting was correct. I have been setting everything via the EFB and then clicking set payload in simulator.
  9. Ok, tried a different flight and verified the empty cg slider was all the way to the right. Both VS and Speed modes worked perfectly on climb out and the autopilot leveled at the assigned altitude as it should have. When starting descent it initially descended at the selected speed and then leveled off on its own while the airspeed continued to drop. At this point I attempted VS mode and the aircraft stayed level and refused to descend. FlightSimulator 2021-03-16 16-11-25-43.bmpFlightSimulator 2021-03-16 17-08-31-06.bmpThe only thing I can think of that would be an issue is icing. Each flight I've flown has been in icing conditions and I know MSFS has issues in this area. That doesn't explain the VS mode issue either. FlightSimulator 2021-03-16 17-06-45-25.bmp
  10. I saw this in the manual and I'm pretty sure this was set all the way to the right. I'll try another flight and double check to be sure.
  11. It seems I am having problems activating both the speed and vs modes on the autopilot. I can select speed climb mode and airspeed but the autopilot does not follow the selected speed. Vertical speed does not work either, the autopilot just stays level at the selected altitude. Another possibly related issue is that the altitude capture doesn't seem to work correctly. It will capture an altitude 1000 above the selected altitude and I am unable to use either speed mode or vs mode to descend to the correct altitude. I have gone through the supporting documents and tried different flights with different starting configurations and have the same issues each time.
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