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  1. I did notice during my CRJ flight today that the sim was not as smooth as yesterday, when I flew the TMB. I remedied that by turning motion reprojection back on in OXR (I fly in VR only). Like always, after my flight and after powering down the CRJ, I took a look at my surroundings by drone., That‘s where the frame rate issue became very bad indeed.
  2. Thanks, Herman and fellow simmers! I assume that tip also works after going back to „legacy“ mouse mode - which is the first thing I did after starting FS (no more sim time today to check that out myself…)
  3. Hi all, I applied the speed tape fix and took my first post SU5 flight in the CRJ. All went well, no CTD, no freezes, only once or twice short stutters. But I noticed that the AP heading push button (to set the heading bug to present heading) does not work anymore - so instead I had to constantly adjust the heading bug manually. Same seems to be true for all other push functions of rotary buttons on the AP. Is that a known issue with SU5 or might there be something wrong at my end? Best regards and happy flying!
  4. FS2020 got so good, it turned us into flight sim junkies, counting the minutes until the next flight! Maybe it is a good thing the SU5 update mess keeps us from flying for a while. After all, there still is a real world out there 🙂
  5. My advice: don‘t bother with complicated flight plans at the beginning. Just fly the same route between two airports (not more than 50 miles apart) again and again. Just use the CDU to input departure and arrival airports - no complicated flight planning. After 3 flights you will know that route by heart, and some flights later you will start getting the CRJ! I remember how I did EDDF-EDDS back and forth at least 20 times for training, and each time I achived a higher level of control over the CRJ. Believe me: the day will soon come when you won’t struggle with this beautiful bird anymore, but instead enjoy how it handles… Good luck!
  6. All right, thanks for that info! I usually take of with 8 deg. flaps. A button on my throttle is programed for flaps up/down and I usually give it two clicks down and check visually, if the lever is in the right position. Maybe I overlooked something this time….
  7. Pressing the TOGA button on the thrust lever does not always activate the FD correcty. Instead, a warning symbol appears on the PFD and the magenta lines don’t move into position. Pressing the FD button (on the AP panel), followed by another press of the TOGA button takes care of the problem. Does anyone know why this happens in the first place? Thanks in advance!
  8. Thanks! I did indeed press the Cancel Mod LSK on the right FMS, but that did not make the yellow message disappear. I‘ll try again today - preferably on the ground, not like last time in the air and about to land…
  9. On my flights, I usually set the right side FMS to the DIR/INTC page for descent advisory that is always available at a glance. Yesterday, I pressed some of the line select keys on the left and right frame of the right FMS screen, just to see if that did something. It did not - at least, I did not notice any effect. But later, when I tried to make changes to the approach in the pilot‘s side FMS, I got the yellow warning: „XSIDE Mod in Progress“ (or something similar), and I could not make changes anymore to my flight plan and approach setup. That resulted in a forced, visual straight in landing (luckily, weather was ok), but it kept me wondering what exactly had happened. And more important: how do I get rid of that yellow warning and how do I get the FMS ready for input again (in case that warning appears again some day)? Thanks in advance for your comments!
  10. 2 reasons why I prefer the 550 over the 700: 1. less passengers equals more room per passenger. As a pilot, I like the idea that my virtual passengers travel as comfortably as possible 2. I just love the red 550 livery. I‘m not emotionally attached to any airline. And when I look at my red 550 in external view, I imagine I‘m looking at my own private jet …to each their own 🙂
  11. I‘ll check on my next night flight (but I admit I do prefer daylight flying…)
  12. I also experienced this frame reate drop while programming the FMC. It did not go away, so I rebooted my PC, restarted the sim and on the second attempt all went fine (same flight as before, so I have no clear idea what exactly triggered the frame rate loss…)
  13. Hi Matthew, A question for you: when I import a flight plan from SimBrief, it comes with departure and arrival runways. The arrival part is separated from the rest of the route by a discontinuity. I usually close that discontinuity during cruise in oder to see my complete route in the Nav Display. Sometimes (too often!) ATC gives me another runway for landing. I then look up that runway on the DEP/ARR, pick a transition and hit EXE. I usually end up with all kinds of confusing weite lines drawn on my Nav Display. How is this done correctly? Mus I first manually delete all entries relating to the old approach before setting up the new arrival runway/transition? Thanks and regards, Hans
  14. Sorry to hear that! Do you use Navigraph? Maybe updating the sim and CRJ to the latest cycle helps…?
  15. I fully understand that, Tom. What is Aerosoft‘s position on this issue? Will you eventually release all your titles on Marketplace, or only a selection?
  16. For simplicity‘s sake, I buy all my add-ons from MS Marketplace. I noticed that many airports are available directly from the publishers, but not on the Marketplace. Is it just a matter of time, of a matter of principle (i.e. some add-ons are never meant to be sold via Marketplace?) In particular, I hope for Zagreb to become available…
  17. I installed via MSFS Marketplace. As a matter of fact, the only option I had was a complete re-install, with a 1,8GB download. Once in the plane I checked the throttle calibration. Nothing I needed to do. My old calibration was still there and it worked just fine. Flying: Like a charm! - GS capture works - no more zig-zagging en route - no more center of gravity / load issues - better ground handling I always liked the CRJ, even with the glitches. But now I‘m really impressed! What a superb plane! Well done, Hans!!!
  18. I also use a 2-axis throttle (Virpil). Since I pretty much got the hang of flying the present version of the CRJ, I will simply keep using it (without update) for the next couple of days and wait until that hotfix is out and tested. Thanks God there is no forced update for add-ons 🙂
  19. I now did several flights with aft cargo set to Zero, and in each and every of these flights I found myself in control of the plane. No more nose up attitude, and better performance of the AP on final (not perfect, but much, much better than in past weeks). I also payed close attention to the green ball. Never again did it move all the way to the right after setting aft cargo to Zero - it rather stayed pretty much in the center of the envelope (in particular, after pressing all buttons in the EFB twice :-)) I don‘t know if I‘m selling snake oil here, but the facts are undeniable: with zero aft cargo I actually control the CRJ, while before I was struggling with a plane that seemed to be possessed by an evil spirit…
  20. I think it might be a problem with the center of gravity. On one pic posted by the OP the green ball on the EFB Performance page is all the way to the left (while it should be „in the envelope“, if I understand correctly). Possibly, this load imbalance messes things up. On my last flights I tested with different load configurations. What worked very well was to set aft cargo to Zero. This made the green ball move all the way to the right. I ended up with a perfectly controllable plane, and I even enjoyed a flawless ILS approach -flown by the AP in APP mode - all the way down to minimums… I would love to hear if this works for others too…
  21. perfect description of how way too many landings go for me in the CRJ! My suspicion is something with the plane's center of gravity is or gets messed up. Probably because of this, the CRJ gets sluggish at low speed, making landings very hard to fly manually. So hard it even overwhelms the AP. After many bad landings I tried this: before the flight, I set aft cargo weight to Zero on the EFB Performance page. Result: a beautiful, stable and precise approach in APP mode, all the way down to DH. So nice to watch!
  22. I want to share some interesting findings and hear your thoughts: For many weeks I saw the AP struggle on final approach (and failing) on each and every flight. I also noticed that the CRJ on final always developed a nose up attitude, which made a smooth (manual) approach and landing very difficult. Today, I decided to try something new: in the EFB I set the aft cargo to Zero. On the performance page, that made the green ball move all the way to the right in the enveope. On arrival to EDDB, as I reduced speed to 230 knots, I immediately noticed that the nose up attitude was completely gone! As I lined up for final approach and captured localizer and GS I noticed that the plane was much more stable than I had grown accustomed to. And the AP cought the GS, startet to pitch down and I set flaps to 45. The plane followed the GS like it was on rails. I disengaged the AP at 200ft, with the plane 100% on track. This makes me believe that there is a direct connection between the bad AP behavior reported by so many and load distribution! Please try this solution and comment here! Anyways, I am very happy that I finally managed to have a flight where the CRJ AP behaved exactly as expected (I had forgotten how nice that actually feels 🙂 )
  23. ok, thanks! I‘ll check before my next flight if EFB and the load page in MSFS are in sync (I assume that‘s what you meant with „UI“?). During a flight I never use ESC, so that can not be the culprit…
  24. Funny this thread came up now… For a good number of flights now, I noticed that - while following an approach pattern, at speeds around or below 230 knots - my CRJ550 tends to develop a nose up attitude of up to 10 deg. This makes the plane really hard to control. The only thing I can do is to add quite a bit of thrust, which in turn leads to excessive speed. Today, while struggling again with this nose up tendency during approach, I looked at the EFB/Performance and found that the green ball was all the way to the left. After landing it had moved more or less back to center. I usually fly without altering the load presets in the EFB at all, I just push the two buttons to transfer the EFB data into the FMS and synchronize with MSFS. Any ideas what this behavior might be due to? I can‘t remember if I had this problem before the update (but back then the CRJ was new for me and I simply might not have noticed any subtleties about the plane.
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