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  1. The TOGA button is location on the throttle knobs. Also, regarding the functions of the Chronometer, Refer to page 69 in Pt. 2 of the AOM should provide the answers you seek.
  2. While I'm in the corporate world now I can probably chime in on this from past experiences. No sir, flight deck is USUALLY (by that I mean like 95% of the time) powered up and ready next crew. VERY seldom have I ever seen a cold airplane unless I beat the rampers out to the plane at an out station (unlikely if they've done their security checks), most of the time mx or rampers will atleast have the external power or APU going while they are cleaning, performing mx.....etc. Also, if you are at an out station the airplane's configuration is how you left it last. Regional ops, atleast in the United States you are rolling 8 hrs a day, the last thing you want to have to deal with is bringing up a cold airplane every leg lol, however for the sim I don't mind it. Hope that helped a little bit.
  3. Hey guys it out! Check you account downloads.
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