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  1. I thought it only stays on until 10k feet if you have a problem with the engine (engine failure), but he prob knows better than us
  2. Oh it's amazing, I was saying that I would love to have something like that for MSFS
  3. Get pushback helper you can manually change the directions and speed. Still hoping for a mod like in xplane
  4. No just the release dates of the crj from Aerosoft. Nothing from asobo
  5. due to the fact that asobo is known for breaking some part of an aircraft each update, I think they would want to have a flawless launch after delaying it and creating so much hype around it. They just want to not have to bring out an update on day 3 or so when the sim might break the aircraft. In my opinion
  6. Quick question, don't know if it has been asked yet but how is it looking with a weather radar? is that implemented. Thanks Henrik
  7. It definitely does, but I don't want them to feel pushed by the community to release it before it's ready, just like asobo did with MSFS (in my opinion it was a way to early release with lot's of bugs). But this will surely be something amazing and also the first real "detailed" airliner that we will have in the sim Thanks Aerosoft.
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