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  1. Dear Bob, Thank you - I got carried away and delayed to submit while you had VERY QUICKLY responded. Thank you again and have a great week! Rick Responding from home under KSFO 28L path.
  2. Hello again, Please excuse my ignorance. I checked in the area deeper and found another thread from October, 2020. Unfortunately there were no update then but I got the download link. If there is A330 step-by-step, it would be great. In either case, I will read through A320 series. Thank you For the records and people discovering through search engine, below is the link to the A320 series download and October, 2020 response:
  3. Hello, I looked to see if there were new posting but couldn't find any, so please excuse reviving older thread. Is there step-by-step tutorial for A330? I am not the best simmer and have been working through checklist and YouTube, which is hard. Also, I have a feeling I am missing many steps. I would learn great deal through manual. If it's no longer in the pipeline, is there step by step available for those purchased A330 for other similar Buses? Thank you. Rick
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