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  1. Thank you SimWare. Relieved to know it isn't something I am doing wrong!
  2. Firstly, this is my first Aerosoft aircraft purchase, and it really is an amazing aircraft so thank you to the team for it. Secondly, as so many others are saying, I'm having problems with the TCA throttle. My detents are absolutely fine, they match up with my actual throttle and the in-game throttle. The problems I am having is when changing the manual thrust. I apologise for having to type this and not having a video/images (I am not very technical) so I will try and keep the explanation of my problem simple. I am in cruise. I need to slow down as I'm going too fast. My N1 is currently at 84. I am in the manual throttle position already. I pull back on the throttle quadrants. My N1 goes immediately down to 72 then back up to and settles at 83 on its own. I have not lost enough speed, so I repeat the process of pulling back on the throttles, this time even further. The N1 drops to 67 and then goes back up to 78 on its own. Why is it immediately dropping before immediately increasing again? Is this normal CRJ behaviour? Conversely, when speeding up I notice even more bizarre behaviour. So this previous N1 of 78 has slowed me down but this time I have gone too slow (which is fine, I completely understand it has no autothrottle and constantly needs readjusting). But, when I advance the throttles forward, instead of the N1 going up from 78 it actually drops again on its own, in this case to 65 and then it goes up to 80 on its own. This isn't fixing my too slow problem, so I advance even further this time. Yet again, N1 drops to 66 and then advances to 82. Why is this drop in N1 before increasing again happening? I have followed the below tutorial by SimWare but don't seem to be getting anywhere. Note: - I have both my axis on THROTTLE 1 AXIS and THROTTLE 2 AXIS (and NOT the 0 to 100% axis) - My throttle type is DUAL AXIS on the Calibrate Throttle menu - My Reverser Axis is ON - I have 'set' all detents fine
  3. Also having this problem - N1 idle is about 40% for me.
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