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  1. yeah in that case ill wait around and see whats what. No use in wasting a bunch of money
  2. Guys, whats aerosofts refund policy? I the link on the website doesnt work. My hardware isnt top of the line, so i dont know what to do if i buy the plane and if it crashes the game or something
  3. Meanwhile, Im gonna be flying it with the keyboard and mouse
  4. Can someone explain why a digital download is stock limited? like is it a bandwidth / server issue?
  5. todays the day for the date reveal, my credit card is ready
  6. But it would look hella good when you play your landing back.
  7. What was the previous record and what was the thread about?
  8. I've been putting off CRJ recreations on my channel for months waiting for this to come out, the wait will be worth it haha
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