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  1. After all complaints (and knowing well that some of my co-simmers still have issues with their throttle calibration) I must say that the bird is now flying beautifully. AP works good, G/S capture was on point (at least so far) and for me most importantly the plane doesn't feel as flimsy/shaky anymore during approach (partially due to the improved thrust system), which makes it great fun to hand-fly. Bottomline: Since I am not affected by the throttle issue (TCA quadrant), job well done!
  2. Seems like a 'who blinks first situation'. It is starting not to make sense anymore.
  3. I am using Spacedesk to stream/break out the EFB screen onto my iPad. And interactions with other windows such as from vPilot or any programm I opt to push onto the iPad screen usually work OK (with the delay caused by the connection and so forth). Does anyone break out his EFB onto a separate monitor or tablet or whatever and has seen what I have observed that is not being able to interact with the EFB while it is displayed on the tablet. Hope the question makes sense. I'd really love to be able to use the EFB on a separate screen for obvious reasons. Thanks for your h
  4. Encountered another instance: CLIPR2 into DCA. Programmed the STAR before departure, leaving out the approach. It has two advisory ALTs on the Arrival which are TRISH at 12k and BAL VOR at 10000. The FMS had odd numbers in it. I tried to correct the numbers but still the advisory VNAV would indicate the wrong Vertical speed. Apparently this will not be acknowledged as an issue or explained why it isn't an issue if nobody else reports it. So I ask anyone reading this to kindly try literally any Arrival and report back what happens when you change the Altitude in the Legs
  5. That's the thing, most Arrivals I fly are not at all RW specific or they fork depending on the landing direction, hence, I'll leave out the RW selection until my descent so I can pull the most current ATIS.
  6. Just wanted to chime back in to the topic. So yesterday I took a flight from CYUL to KLGA. Obviously I knew the STAR so I put it in the FMS. I did leave out the Approach though as I was expecting it to change anyways. On the arrival (HAARP3) there is just one advisory Altitude at BASYE (expect 8000ft). The FMS however (after eventually adding the approach) gave me roughly 11000 (possibly accounting for a steady 3deg descent angle). Now I'm not sure if this is the way in the actual aircraft (I'm a mere PPL holder) but when I tried to change it to the said 8000ft in the Legs page it did show th
  7. Thanks! I figured it's not actual SOP. But interestingly even when I add the approach during my flight (in this case it was KPHN - VALRE5 and then Vectors to ILS) it wasn't re-calculating the path correctly (didn't update restrictions at all and was consistently giving me a rate of descend of 700ftm) I feel there's something buggy programming the FMS during the flight.
  8. I have experienced this several times now and I'm not quite sure as to what I'm doing wrong or if there is an actual problem. I usually depart not knowing the arrival procedure (no RW at this point), the FMS essentially only ends with Altitudes that are my cruizing altitude as it should be I suppose. But when I get closer to the Airport and have my ATIS available (Vatsim) I will program accordingly and the FMS (in Legs page) shows the respective altitude restrictions and calculates V speeds for each altitude. Here comes the issue: when given an altitude to reach at a ce
  9. I really try to fly the CRJ as often as I can and put the 32NX aside. But flying on Vatsim I usually get multiple Directs which I have to fly in HDG mode as opposed to NAV. That's really frustrating. Today it happened 3 times in one flight. The airplane would only pick up the FMS route in NAV mode once I've passed the waypoint using HDG. Maybe is has to do with the manual AIRAC update thru Navigraph? In the case below the phantom waypoint wasn't even close to the route:
  10. Never flown a CRJ personally, so it's a question first of all. When the calculated landing/approach speed is e.g. 137kts and I touch down at roughly 125-130 (still working on my throttle skills) the plane will float over the runway like crazy. I even had an instance where the nose wouldn't drop until I reached about 60kts (All flaps full). Also I feel the pitch is rather high when approaching. Is all that normal? (Using the modern flight model)
  11. got the TCA too. Just landed. When taxiing for take-off I can somewhat control the N1 and hold it at about 30% (while in idle both in the Plane and on the Quadrant). But after landing, even when the parking brakes are applied the N1 would never go below 40%.
  12. Juts wanted to second the OPs report. EDDM worked perfectly until about last week. Yesterday - final approach - crash. Meanwhile I have not changed anything on my system or the Sim. I am using multiple addons such as VATsim with FSUIPC so I thought that might be related. Started FS without any Addon running and removed all files (except EDDM) from my Community folder. CTD while loading, and then CTD while landing. It will certainly not be my System Specs as every other Scenery works fine (R5 5600, RTX3080, 32GB, running off an SSD). Any chance th
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