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  1. Kein Problem, hoffe es macht Spass.
  2. The Problem is the Bar next the assignment stays half of the way. No matter how i move the throttles.
  3. Hi, i have some issues with my throttle in context with the crj. In the MSFS Control menu i can assign the axis to the throttle lever 1 manually. But automatically, when i move them to be assigned it doesn`t work. If i check the Axis aou in the sensitivity section they move as they should. But they do not move in the crj or in the scale below the assignment either. Hope someone can help me.
  4. I am not able to asssign my lever from honeycomb via msfs. It is only possible to scan for levers called something with plus. The ones which are shown up there can not be assigned automatically. If i take the assignment manually i can accept it but it is showing motion in the crj. The sensitivity check shows that it is working
  5. Ich sehe jetzt keine Fehler. Habe minimal etwas geändert. Holprig ist es zwar, aber das liegt auch an den Ausdrücken
  6. Kann ich mir anschauen. Problem ist, dass ich natürlich so stark Englisch angelehnt das machen möchte. Ist dann manchmal holprig.
  7. There you go MSFS_Vol3_Tutorial_20210214 - Copy.docx
  8. sorry have seen now it is only workable when there is a update.
  9. This does not work because i can only apply with the FSX version, but i have the p3dv4 version
  10. buying your box should offer a chance to get the installer. It should be the same in my case. But how does that work, cause how can you update a dvd
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