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  1. Unlike before, i no longer lose fps after turning on the displays and feeding the flight plan into the mfd. nice update!
  2. There is a bug that the thrust levers simply just wont unlatch from the shut off position, so had to reload again and redo the whole preparation. Next time first thing to do is to check whether the thrust levers are bugged before starting any preparation.
  3. problem is with the display. in my case when pfd/mfd is off i get 40 fps, then i set the aircraft to ready for taxi i get 32 fps, but when i started to input a flight plan into it which now reflects on the mfd then i lost 3 more fps to 29.
  4. Same airport: CRJ - 33 fps WT CJ4 - 45 fps FBW A32NX - 42 fps Default 787 - 40 fps So yeah there appears to be a 20 % dip in fps. Will try this thoug.
  5. Based on the videos i've seen, this thing flies no better than WT's CJ4.
  6. Landing physics seems off.. the nose wants to go up upon landing.
  7. I think release will be anytime within six hours from now.
  8. Maybe there still time to fine tune the sensitivity of the steering esp on the ground while taxiing?
  9. Thanks for the clarification. Appreciate all the efforts you put into these tutorials sir. Thank you!
  10. I noticed that during touchdown the nose seems a bit jumpy it took a while to put it on the ground?
  11. @The Dude are you also going to post the landing later? Thanks
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