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  1. If aerosoft has a final product, why would they delay it in anticipation of something that may not actually happen?
  2. I'm waiting for @The Dude video episode today as he will fly the crj.
  3. And how is that possible when the tutorials are done in piecemeal?
  4. I expect that you will let us hear the engine sounds?
  5. @The Dude hi sir, i hope in the next video it will already include at least the taxiing of the crj. Thank you!
  6. Please Mathijs dont delay the release just because the sim update is delayed. Thanks!
  7. Is it possible to release the full video tutorial instead? So we can play it over and over to familiarize with the system while waiting for the release. Thanks!
  8. Since mathijs said release is only days away and not weeks, my bet is on march 5 or 6. Or maybe AS will surprise us and release it on the 27.
  9. How about the landing gear strut absorber? Does it compresses during landing?
  10. The cockpit feels so good to look at. Cant wait anymore!!
  11. Hope there is a passenger briefing just like the cj4 working title for immersion.
  12. I guess this will be a march release after the next game update.
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