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  1. Question is in the title. I find myself unable to start the engines when the isolation valve is closed, yet no checklist I have found says that it must be open for startup.
  2. I was wondering if anyone knew what the differences between the CRJ 700/500 and the 900/1000 are (other than the stretched cabin). Is it more than just the size? Any changes to systems? I'd love to hear about it.
  3. For 1, I think just closing your right eye and lining up the mouse is the best bet. I really wish MSFS VR worked like DCS though (cursor sticks to surfaces).
  4. Will the Aerosoft Twin Otter come equipped with the default GNS 530 or a customized, more advanced version of the system?
  5. Oops, should I be in the product preview? NVM, this is the CRJ section- I'm really losing it
  6. Will the Aerosoft Twin Otter come equipped with the default GNS 530 or a customized, more advanced version of the system?
  7. I also experience this. One of the more aggravating bugs at the moment.
  8. Any plans to implement logic to overcome this issue, or is the plan to wait for Asobo to fix it? This is (in my opinion) one of the worst problems to affect this aircraft (I guess that says how good it is lol).
  9. I would like to respectfully disagree here, the difference between 20/30/40 FPS is rather noticeable (at least for me). Having the ability to modify refresh rate would be nice if it's not too much work, having the option wouldn't hurt.
  10. He's a well known serial stowaway.... I'd contact the authorities.
  11. Could one of our wonderful resident CRJ drivers outline the typical procedures for a visual approach? Couldn't find more than a chart in the manuals...
  12. Is custom autopilot planned for the CRJ at any point? It would be a good addition to help avoid the inconsistencies of the default Asobo autopilot. Planes like the WT cj4 and FBW a32nx have made great use of custom AP to avoid issues on approach (I've heard many users say they don't get the death drop after using these mods).
  13. Online school takes so much longer when the CRJ is dropping later
  14. Just woke up on release day 😌 Any news yet on this blessed morn?
  15. How do you find where aircraft typically park? I find it difficult to know which gates I should load/offload at.
  16. I've been reading manual vol. 3 and I have a question for our resident CRJ drivers: how come only VS mode is used on descent (irl) and not SPD?
  17. I do believe it was within SOP though, there was extensive discussion about the topic earlier. I believe it's just so an engine can be restarted if needed?
  18. @The DudeYou never turn on the strobes like you say you should during the before take off checklist
  19. Weed sniffer 1-1 on station and at your service
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