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  1. i tied this many times I just want to bind a button that toggles the physical axis. I bound it to that and all it does is enables the reverers i can use my axis after pressing it
  2. Normally I press a button on my throttle which changes the axis from throttle to reversers. How do i do that in the CRJ. it's a physical bottom on the throttle
  3. @Mathijs Kokdo we know how long after release until its available on simmarket?
  4. @Mathijs Kokdo we know what day media will get access first
  5. @Mathijs Kok did I miss the announcement or is it still planned for later today. I keep getting conflicting statments
  6. I have an oculus quest 2. I can test VR aswell with a good PC, I also play wirelessly using virtual desktop
  7. is there an option to set the deadzone my saitek throttle is super sensitive to it
  8. yeah that makes sense. I'll just assume we wont get it until release which is fine by me
  9. I already asked for the paintkit pre-release. Mathijs said he would ask
  10. I do want to ask though cause I am indeed confused. regarding painting.. So does this mean we can only make liveries using blender or will we beable to do the classic livery editing using Photoshop just not with the sharp decals of the default liveries. sorta like how the default a320 liveries are? I understand what mathijs said. but for me personally I hope there is a way to paint using textures
  11. your right don't change anything its not worth even 1 FPS for me personally.
  12. I hope you guys realize that if they have to fix the door texture we wont have the plane for a few more days. get over it, it's a door. not even just a door... THE INSIDE of the door..
  13. This is what really sucks about the flight sim community. Aerosoft does something awesome and shows us previews PRE RELEASE which they don't have to and are extremely open to suggestions . They build an aircraft that looks to be AMAZING quality for only the price of lunch at a nice restaurant. And what do some people do? they complain about the most absurd shit. "the wingflex" "the cockpit door" and funniest of all "the inside of the door texture" which is about the dumbest thing to complain about yes we get it its not 90K quality but who cares it's the inside of a door you never look at, this is not door repair simulator, it's a flight simulator. We should thank Aerosoft for even showing us previews..
  14. my new guess is still the 27th or the 3, 4 or 7 of march
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