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  1. There doesn't appear to be an altitude +/- input that can operate without selecting the bug first, so using the INCR/DECR wheel for altitude was not possible. For now it looks like you can toggle different AP modes using the push buttons, but having the bug select wheel set to anything will cause conflicts. Also switched to using the GA flaps lever for now.
  2. The throttle detent settings in the EFB worked great! Makes the CRJ the only plane so far that I've tried where it's possible to properly line up the markings on the Bravo with detent positions. Unfortunately the CRJ seems like it might have a general issue with using an axis for flaps. Other planes like the A32NX and default Boeing aircraft seem to work well with a flaps axis, but on the CRJ a tiny movement of the Bravo lever will move the in-cockpit flaps lever to full. The autopilot functionality has been a bit disappointing with the Bravo in general, as it doesn't
  3. Can't someone from Aerosoft contact their shipping partner responsible for delivering units to Amazon and check if they have been delivered to Amazon UK yet or not?
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