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  1. It's installed and now need to see what it's all about ..lol mars Thanks Team
  2. Thanks again Ben's advice worked I tried to skip it a couple a times and it finally worked and installed. Now I need to learn about AFC_Bridge as i still don't know what it does or am I supposed to do anything with it.. goes easy on me I am turning 63 tomorrow..LOL Cheers mars
  3. Thank you Ben for your quick reply and sorry for posting in wrong section btw I have tried to skip it and it has failed do you have any other tips to try at this time? Ben could you also tell where I should have posted please. cheers mars
  4. Hi, Well it seems i am having the same trouble as most no lights but this could be due to the fact i cannot install this program. ASUPDATER. Cfg .. not sure what the FONTreg license.txt problem is about? Anyone else had this one before? I have MSFS with a brand new pc.. 2 mths old I can really do with your help as i cannot find anything to get it sorted. BTW also have the Alpha Yoke. thanks mars
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