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  1. I ordered mine on 19th Aug. Like you had all the promises and the changing dates. I ended up buying elsewhere and gave up with Amazon. The promised date of the 28th Feb has passed and gain they've failed. Pains me to say it but look to buy on ebay or elsewhere if you really want one. Amazon should of never advertised the product in the first place and have upset a lot of loyal customers.
  2. Yep looks like Scan are delivering. There's one bought from Scan on eBay right now.
  3. i've chatted to Amazon every day for 2 weeks. Todays message was no stock now but showing stock coming 28th Feb.
  4. Excellent. I had ordered with them too a while back but then cancelled after dates dates started to slip. Sooooo many regrets..
  5. Hi Dave, Thanks for the note and clarifying the services Aerosoft provide. You can see that i and perhaps others could interpret the email from Honeycomb in other ways. Dave's Jary's email to me was in response to my question about stock to Amazon UK and to reach out for help. You can understand in this case why Aerosoft have been asked the question by people like me who ordered 5/6 months ago. Amazon UK have spent weeks/months promising dates then updates from their so called 'Fulfilment Team' which never comes. I was not aware Aerosoft provided product support and information only for peop
  6. I agree with you Marius. Its just a bit misleading when you have emails like this direct from the manufacture. See below or attached. You might want to correct Honeycomb if this is not the agreement. All of us who have unfortunately ordered from Amazon have no other means of chasing our orders and are being treated like mushrooms by Amazon.
  7. i just called another online retailer and even he knew about the dramas Amazon have caused to customers who'd ordered Bravo's. He also added that they had a delivery before Xmas (in the ten's of units) which were supplied to his customers who had pre ordered. They dont have any other information now when new stock will be coming in other than 'Spring' which was advised by Honeycomb. Anyone who ordered from Amazon, I think we just backed the wrong horse guys... Unfortunately Scan computers have stopped answering calls and dont respond to emails otherwise i'd be asking
  8. Well as of an hour ago Amazon on chat have yet again proved how crap they are at trying to get me some simple information. 'Computer says no' was the theme. I've emailed Aerosoft again this morning asking whether they have any communication with their UK logistics firm. There must be a way to at least find out whether units are in the UK or not as a minimum. Having waited this long I just cant give up now and out of principle will keep chasing for answers.
  9. Dont blame you. Just wish there was another option without having to now order elsewhere and (thats if they're even allowing orders), then waiting another 3-4 months.
  10. Hi Marius, whilst we all appreciate you do not have any dealings with Amazon UK directly, surely you do have control or communication with the UK distribution company (who supply Amazon) you've referred to on previous calls to you and mentioned on this forum? Are we surely able to confirm that Amazon have received stock at least? The person I spoke to from Aerosoft 2-3 weeks ago suggested there was a large delivery of units delivered to your 3rd party UK logistics company around mid January.
  11. Im putting my trust in Aerosoft on this one. When i spoke to them 2 weeks ago they gave me the advice to stick with Amazon and they will be delivering anytime soon..
  12. I've been on the case with Amazon all week. An hour ago i was again on Amazon chat and being told the same rubbish i was told on Monday which is to wait yet another 24/48 hours for a response and that this issue has been escalated with the Amazon Fulfilment team.. I doubt come Monday/tuesday next week there will be any update and i feel like im flogging a dead horse. You would a thought a company like amazon with the most technically advanced warehousing and logistic department (probably in the world) would be able to deal with this a bit quicker. The fact that they cannot even tell me tha
  13. I think a few of us who have have all ordered from a well established, usually very dependable online retailer like Amazon feel the same. I bought my Honeycomb yoke from Amazon without a hitch last year. I’m just as frustrated being given the run around. It seems we just simply ordered from the wrong place and I would urge Honeycomb to remove Amazon from their UK retailers page. I also question whether they are deliberately not being supplied if they demand a higher commission compared to other retailers...
  14. Hi did you have any joy? I’ve now chased Amazon 3 time over the past 48 hours and still nothing.
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