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  1. One question before someone ends it, do I need a PMDG account to download them?
  2. I can't download PMDG 777 liveries via the operation center. It gives a message "Can't download list of liveries!" or something like that. HELP!
  3. Oh ok, I just cannot really stand it if I've got to sit there for a couple of hours, but whatever. Thanks
  4. Hello, I've had this problem where I'd start-up FSX and choose the Delta CRJ 900 and then after I clicked "Ok" the sim crashes. Then, I've tried the other planes. The problem occurs again and again. Please help SOS!
  5. Yes, I increased it to I think 2 or 4 times. Could that be the problem?
  6. I've also had this problem with the PMDG T7 so I'm confused. It's not just the A320's problem.
  7. I've had this problem right after I downloaded the Aerosoft A320. Yesterday, I was doing a short test flight from KPHL to KCLT and during cruise, the plane suddenly dived, the autopilot corrected it. But it climbed too quickly and flew over FL340. So I decided to disengage the autopilot and manually fly to FL340 yet the plane just wouldn't go down and crashed. RIP Please Help!!! I want to see a perfect A320 landing!!!
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