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  1. Today in my email..... Hello, We're still trying to obtain the item(s) which you ordered on October 02 2020 in Order# 026-8582927-9546747. "Bravo Throttle Quadrant - Honeycomb Aeronautical PC" http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07SK43CJ6
  2. Marius, I made my order in October 2020, when should it arrive? ORDER # 026-8582927-9546747
  3. That the order made in March of this year can arrive in April? I understood that? Wow, mine was made in October 2020 ...
  4. I just sent a very annoying email to all possible Aerosoft emails and I will do the same with Honeycomb, I think sadly the best we can do if in some year we receive the quadrant is to make a bad review about the bad handling and lack of seriousness with this.
  5. What? I placed my order on October 2 through Amazon UK, I can't believe there have been people waiting before.
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