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  1. When using the routes from the INDEX menu ROUTE MENU the FMS doesn't load routes whose name isn't exactly 8 characters long. Can easily be tested with the preshipped PADMUC01 route, that doesnt load when it is renamed to PADMUC. Is this restriction also present in the real Collins FMS-4200? If so I would still dislike but at least understand the restriction in the sim. Either way, it would be nice to either see an error message when creating a route whose name isn't exactly 8 characters long or fix the route loading logic to be able to load routes with names such as MU
  2. Seems to be working now in version Only changing once at least one stab trim is activated, as expected, so now I can finally change the elevator trim using the nose up/down button on the yoke. As far as I'm concerned this topic can be closed.
  3. Crazy, today the four holds were actually quite ok. It turned too early and didn't always enter quite right but other that it was not too bad. One thing though, doing the PROVO4 Departure at KPVU it automatically loads the hold at FFU, but after reaching FFU it automatically arms the holding exit. Can be seen in this speed up video. Will maybe try some more holds tomorrow. Filme & TV 2021-03-28 01-32-03.mp4
  4. Any news yet? Is this issue reproducable on your side?
  5. I seem to have an issue when changing an already inserted Departure, Arrival or Approach. In the Working Title CJ4 for example I just have to set up the new Approach and push execute. The previous Approach gets deleted and the new one gets inserted. If I want to delete an Approach I can also do that. With the CRJ, when I change an Approach the new one gets pushed to the end of the previous one, I think just after the FAF of the previous Approach. Similar behaviour with DEP and ARR. Also I can't seem to be able to delete any of the procedures I selected in the DEP/ARR INDEX page. Will ma
  6. Can confirm, AP wasn't able to complete any holding pattern, and I've tried several with different leg sizes. Looks good on the MFD but never gets flown how it is drawn. Will try to do a video tomorrow.
  7. The only way it seems to work is by writing the route name, like EHAMEDDK, to the route field on the FPLN page NaviSim101 posted.
  8. Am I stupid and using the wrong button or does it really not work? Plane was initialized to ready for taxi via efb. The other trims are working just fine. I also tried the I/C and R/T knobs but these didn't change anything either, also pushing the R/T and afterwards using Nose up/down didn't work. Microsoft Flight Simulator - 2021-03-22 16-23-16.mp4
  9. I have noticed, that the only frequency you can query of an airport seems to be the ILS of the destination airport. Neither the FMS, like in the CJ4 with the newer ProLine FMS, nor the EFB has a list of other COM frequencies like ATIS, ground or tower. Wouldn't it be a nice feature to at least be able to query the COM frequencies in the EFB, as it seems that the CRJ's FMS doesn't have this functionality like the CJ4 does.
  10. Just to add another example, even your home airports (EDLP) ATIS, 125.730, can not be tuned by the FMS or the Backup Tuning Unit, only can be done by the RTU which actually has two 125.730 settings, ignoring or not showing 125.735
  11. Is there no way to adjust it in the cockpit just by using the mouse? I have actually not found a way to controll these, the ingame yoke didn't work. I tried every switch on it but the elevator trim did not change.
  12. I have a similar issue with an Xbox Gamepad. On other aircrafts A increases thrust, B decreases thrust. Simple as thath. On the CRJ most of the time A increases thrust. While below let's say 70% throttle A actually increases thrust by a lot, maybe 5% to 10% with each short press. B actually also increases the thrust but maybe by 1% or even less per short button press. Then when out of cruise mode and in climb or higher A increases thrust and B decreases thrust, but B only decreses it to the minimum climb percentage. I can't decrease to the cruise throttle so I'm stuck in climb or m
  13. Cool, didn't know this existed. Thanks :D It seems like these L:Vars can also be found in the XML files you can see in the Model Behaviour tool. So for the CRJ550 these are the CRJ550.XML and CRJ550_INTERIOR.XML under aerosoft-crj\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft_CRJ_550 and then either the model or model.DALKI folder. That's at least also searchable when not using the sim. But it seems these L:Vars are a bit harder to do with the Python library :/
  14. That at least sounds like something I might be able to work with, although I'm not quite sure on how to use these with the Python Simconnect library I'm using. Where can I find a list of these Simvars?
  15. It also seems that the standard simevents for the ap altitude, like AP_ALT_VAR_INC, don't work.
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