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  1. I've also noticed this with mine. The throttle movement is also very slow in my opinion, for example when I switch from climb to cruise and move my throttle a little down, the throttle in game takes quite some time to do it and goes up and down which makes it hard to get a nice cruise thrust. When I adjust it a little higher and a little lower, it can go up and down for a while before finally stabilizing nicely.
  2. Worst case scenario you get a little bit of extra takeoff thrust
  3. We hit 100 pages 11 days ago. If I did the math correctly, we have pretty much tripled the forum speed for posting in the last 11 days
  4. Not sure if I heard this right in the video, did he say the APU stays on until FL100, or 10,000 ft?
  5. Is it possible for you to tell us more or less what the file size is? I've never owned many aircraft, let alone for a sim like MSFS. (i.e. is it within the 1-10 gb range?)
  6. What's the difference in the display whether it is LCD or not if we are in a simulator? In real life too, I looked at both cockpits in some videos/pictures and couldn't see a difference. Is it more of something you only see with the naked eye or am I just missing something here?
  7. Its seriously just not worth the poly, pixels, fps, etc. Would you seriously rather have your perfect realistic 1:1 4k modeled window, or have an approach without insane fps drops? Personally, I’d say I prefer a smooth approach over a window seat they were kind enough to give us in the first place. Aerosoft has gone above and beyond what any of us were expecting, and I think a few of you are getting greedy.
  8. My guess is media starts their posts on Saturday, March 6, then we get release on Thursday, March 11.
  9. As of what I understand, there is no importing flight plans at all, no matter how you get it, no matter what shape or form. EDIT: I may be completely wrong about this.
  10. I have a video of a CRJ landing very firmly, and there was no visible compression, so this one really shouldn't be worried about.
  11. Definitely Delta Connection on the inaugural flight, and I'm thinking of KSMP-KEWR and visa versa, or JFK to Savannah, I've seen that flight a lot and it sounds pretty fun.
  12. Where did you get that photo from? If I'm not mistaken this is not the house livery, although I could be wrong if Mitsubishi changed the house livery when they took over.
  13. Not the most important thing, but is there a a United Express livery as well, if so is there an old livery and the new Evo Blue? And no worries if you don’t want to say anything or don’t have plans on it, i’m sure the wonderful community we have here will make something if it doesn’t exist.
  14. Not sure if I’m right here, but he did mention tutorial videos they would have for the CRJ. I don’t think they are tutorials though 😄
  15. Fairly certain these videos weren’t meant to be public, although it’s great to see the CRJ. I think the channel owner who is posting these isn’t aware. Maybe Mathijs can inform them.
  16. This will be a big difference for me! I've been flying the 767-300 on all my flights since November 2020! Although sadly, not in real life, just a simulator.
  17. That's actually really weird, the only reason I put GoJet is because a Delta Connection -700 operated by GoJet flew by my house the other day. Honestly, maybe it was just a glitch on flightradar24. Thanks for informing me though, never knew they dropped GoJet.
  18. Delta uses GoJet for the -700, SkyWest, but Endeavor also has the -700, and Endeavor is their biggest -900 operator I think. Not sure if that really matters, just a fun fact I guess! Delta Connection: CRJ-700: GoJet, SkyWest, Endeavor CRJ-900: Endeavor, I think SkyWest has a few 900s as well
  19. KMSP-KEWR/KPHL, not anything crazy but you pass by Minneapolis and some cool places along the way, KORD, KDTW, if you go to KEWR you usually pass through Canada a tiny bit, NYC, etc. but if you go to KPHL you still get KORD and stuff along with Philadelphia.
  20. Couldn't disagree with you more, just because you don't get to see every little itty bitty spec of detail that goes into development is absolutely no reason to change your mind on buying it. Just seems like you got spoiled too easily with all the announcements. There are developers that share absolutely nothing, maybe once a month saying "Its going great!" then they disappear again, and people still have excitement for it. I've said this before and I'll say it again, be grateful Aerosoft even cared to share ANY information in the first place.
  21. Just as any other forum, see if the question was already answered, if not ask it, but remember that not everything will be answered.
  22. I hate to sound rude to everyone but I think we should all be happy we at least have a CRJ coming to the sim.
  23. This isn’t crj related specifically, but have you thought of the aerosoft website crashing from everyone purchasing on release?
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