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  1. The opening frequency on the NDB is in the 900s. A lot of NDBs in my part of the world are 200-400. It takes forever ( I exaggerate a bit here) to get to a useful number. Can we get a knob function like in a COM frequency tuner where pushing it changes which digit you are changing? The same would be useful for the Cabin Altitude button in parts of North America where landing altitudes are 3000+ feet. This may not be realistic for the actual knobs, but the real knobs can change settings very quickly - and they are persistent from flight to flight.
  2. Thanks for the reply, Mathijs. I wasn't sure whether the odd behaviour was related to any other issues that people might be having, so I reported it. Now that I know it is an issue Aerosoft is aware of, I can ignore the behaviour in the hangar view and happily go back to enjoying flying the aircraft.
  3. There were 6 screenshots when I prepared the topic. Not sure how to get them all to show up.
  4. The following happens in the hangar. The plane flies well and I don't experience the CTDs that some are afflicted with. However the effects are strange and only occur with the CRJ (both models) and all CRJ liveries. When the CRJ is placed in the hangar, the visual sequence is intermittently interrupted by a screen that looks like the camera is viewing through a telescope and is out of focus. (in the hangar view there are three buttons in the top right: one to play a clip, a static view of the outside of the aircraft and one to view the cockpit) The weird visuals occur in the "play a clip" view. When the static plane view is chosen, one can change the viewpoint with the mouse, and the only strange visual effect is that the engines are rotating - this occurs in the "play a clip" view also. When the cockpit view is chosen, the master warning and caution lights are flashing and the weird visuals do not appear. In all three cases in the hangar, there is a great deal of internet activity that doesn't happen with other .
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