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  1. Yeah that was my issue also kept forgetting the YD. just finished my first successful flight all I can say is WOW
  2. I think im missing a button somewhere just did all the check list and still nothing so tried the defult taxi state while in the air and low and behold ap worked at the first click
  3. Im having the same issue got it working last night via the fmc but did a flight just now and it kept disconnecting
  4. Will the Crj be a midnight release or a daytime release on the 16th I am so hyped
  5. Awesome I dont mind where the dude flys but the things he has taught us so far is amazing I wonder if he could do an in depth review of the EFB maybe as from reading the manual its has ALOT of features which is amazing. the only thing i wonder about is the crj TCAS call out traffic conflicts are they done via voice maybe? couldn't find anything in the manual wonder how it works with live traffic
  6. Wow I am so hyped for the release. Does anyone know if The dude will do more videos before release day as they are really enjoyable and very helpful for a new CRJ pilot Thanks Andy
  7. Wow just started reading the CRJ manual and came across flight attendant announcement/cabin option in the EFB wow Aerosoft has thought of everything cant wait for tomorrow
  8. Wow just watched the new video from @The Dude wow so many amazing features. in todays video. I have a question if possible. is TCAS fully active with voice alerts Thanks Andy
  9. A door is a door will it affect us flying this awesome addon. no so i dont know why people are getting upset over a door smh
  10. I was just reading the https://twinfinite.net/2021/02/microsoft-flight-simulator-crj-interview/ article. This caught my eye Try to find how often a CRJ pilot had to use the APU fire fighting features. If you do not get an APU fire in the first 250.000 hours of using our products we’ll refund you. so wonder if that means random failures are built in for the CRJ. Thanks
  11. Re March 6th thats a Saturday doesnt Aerosoft release new addons on a workday for new products
  12. Since The Dude is posting CRJ content once a day I guessing some time next week maybe 4 march is a Thursday also its the weekly development update on fs2020 Andy2790
  13. Yeah 17th to 18 since alot of fs2020 addons get updated in the fs2020 store along with the Thursday update on fs2020 website
  14. Woah I am so hyped for the Crj never been so excited for an addon this much will the CRJ work well in fs2020 VR also
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