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  1. Not my scenery, but just found this on flightsim.to - looks pretty good considering how poor the satellite imagery is around there https://flightsim.to/file/1073/scrm-teniente-rodolfo-marsh-martin-airport-antarctica
  2. The level of detail on that central yoke column is staggering. Same for the carpet! Looks fantastic so far
  3. Amazing! I even requested the British Antarctic Survey livery for the Twin Otter a few months ago, but I didn't think there was any chance you would actually make Rothera!
  4. First off, this is one of the best sceneries I’ve ever seen. Only issue I’ve come across is that the gold star next to the airport icon is missing on the world map. This is not a huge deal, but it makes it so much easier to find. Thanks, Alex
  5. Thank you Sascha, yes it looks like the update just hasn’t made it to the initial build yet
  6. I will do this today, but it shouldn’t have needed to be run, since I only purchased and downloaded the scenery late in the afternoon
  7. Hi, I flew into EDDB for the first time today and I really like what I see! I came across a couple of issues though: 1) Bump on RW25L/07R (looks as though this has already been sorted!) 2) ILS for 25L did not work for me - I used frequency 109.50 according to the Navigraph charts. Is there something I am missing, or is it not present? 3) In the MSFS flight planner, there are no STARs (at least for RW25L approach). Thanks, Alex
  8. 11th March is my guess - marketplace update day and previously I’ve always guessed too soon!
  9. Thanks for that fantastic update Manwlo. I was already set on waiting for this product having seen the quality of some of Aerosoft’s sceneries for MSFS so far (imo the best of all). Having now heard that you come from Crete, it’s made me even more convinced because I know this is a product you really care about! I look forward to the release and hope you catch a well earned break
  10. I'd love to see the BAS livery included - I live near Cambridge and visited the headquarters here back when I was in college studying for Engineering. They do some seriously cool stuff!
  11. For the benefit of anyone who might have missed the recent posts in this thread (understandable, the hype has been real these past few days!), voting on the release date for a free copy of the CRJ closed yesterday at midnight, so any further votes won’t win you anything. What’s more, Mathijs has already confirmed that the correct date has already been guessed... somebody collated these options earlier in the thread. Supposedly the correct date was only guessed once, so that requires a bit of digging to find which one exactly. I believe 20th Feb is the current contender. I hope this ‘summary’ can be of some help
  12. Aerosoft/Asobo should do a CRJ launch event where everybody can fly their new beauty into Paderborn together! I'm looking forward to seeing some of you guys out there in your CRJs
  13. Hey Munich, the 16th has been voted for by three different people already so I’d pick another date to be in with a chance
  14. I'm going to say 16th Feb, for no other reason than things tend to get released on Tuesdays! 😂
  15. I really love that you've managed to find all of these potential easter eggs Fynus, but unless I have misunderstood something, I think getting 22.02 from 2220 is a bit of a stretch. Plus, we remember Asobo said that one of the last things that needed to be resolved on the CRJ was to do with the fuel consumption, so I'd be inclined not to read too much into the fuel figures!
  16. I don't think Mathijs would feed the hype like that after the communications embargo if the release weren't at most a couple of weeks away, so I think that's a good sign!
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