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  1. Hi, those circuit breakers and failures are modelled ?
  2. Yes the flight model specially inertia in MSFS needs to be looked at and redesigned from the bottom up imo. Because of the flaps and fps performance issue I was forced to go back to XP, DCS and P3D few weeks ago and after re-visiting their flight models I now have little to no intention of coming back to MSFS until the flight model and things like inertia, adverse yaw etc show signs of improvement across the board in all aircraft and not just CRJ. In other sims except DCS the scenery and overall world environment looks ugly compared to MSFS but it's their aircraft and their superior and realistic flight model is one thing I can't leave and forget. I'm not criticizing the CRJ or Aerosoft by saying all these but all I'm saying is Microsoft and Asobo urgently need to pay more attention to the one thing that should matter first and foremost: a realistic simulation of flight and aircraft!
  3. After that "first time" and waiting for 7-10 minutes, it won't happen again, right? or are we talking about waiting 7-10 minutes each time we want to fly the CRJ in MSFS?
  4. Would it be possible for Aerosoft CRJ MSFS customers to use this freeware RandFailuresFS2020 app to inject some failures into the plane? https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/release-freeware-randfailuresfs2020-generate-random-failures/307283/33?u=evidenceplz GitHub - kanaron/RandFailuresFS2020
  5. Will the flight model of CRJ be affected by this critical newly-discovered flight model related bug, the fix for which will be available not as a hotfix but through the next sim update 3? Flight Dynamics Bug Details - Community / News and Announcements - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums
  6. thank you. please do. I want to rely on the default MSFS/Navblue navdata only.
  7. Never bought your products for other sims although seen them on Twitch streams many times. This will be the first time I'll buy Make it good please
  8. Can confirm. I've watched you on Twitch flying exclusively IFR in all kind of aircraft in MSFS, be it a C152 or DA60, or A320 or CJ4 (the last three being the incredible mods by MrTommy, FlyByWire and Working Title respectively) and nothing but IFR, for countless hours, even with failures (honorable mention to RandFailuresFS2020 developer Kaneron from Czech Republic...no...Poland...remember the little gaffe during your MSFS official stream? just kidding). Thank you for your dedication and contributions to aviation and flight simulation.
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