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  1. I mean, they don't fly this exact aircraft, but just a suggestion could be New England Airways.
  2. I doubt it, in the FSX verison it always loaded as the turn around state. Just have to switch it to cold and dark everytime, no biggie.
  3. Someone has to make the basic Skywest livery for the 700, please. Very cool livery
  4. Tomorrow is the start of the new generation of flight simulation through airliners! Congrats Mathijs and Aerosoft, you have opened the door for many more complex airliners to come. Congrats!!
  5. I thought the CRJ had a calculated TOD point on the PFD?
  6. Is it going to be possible to fly this aircraft on Vatsim in MSFS? Isn’t there something wrong with the TCAS in the default aircraft and this is obviously a big part of Vatsim. Does this affect the CRJ? Sorry if this is a unnecessary question.
  7. Do you know when the streamers and content creators will receive it or not?
  8. @Mathijs KokWhats this new Flight Sim Association website popping up everywhere??👀
  9. @Mathijs KokIf GSX ever gets transferred over to MSFS fo you plan on making a way for the refuels panel above the FO to connect with the fuel truck? That would be so cool if you could select the fuel you want and that automatically sends a fuel truck or something like that.
  10. KBOS to KPVD LOL. Probably about 10 minutes wheels up to wheels down.
  11. Agreed, the original AE livery was included in the FSX version, and I was able to download the United version from the forums. I’m sure these will be available rather quickly.
  12. Going to take a will guess but at 12:15 you said “going to climb to flight level 100”, which would be FL100 which would be 100,000 feet. That’s my guess.
  13. Alright day before knowing the release date, I gotta know first flights. Let me hear em.
  14. Best part is taking the CRJ into horrible conditions, with a ceiling of about 300 so you can barely make out the runway as you hit minimums. Such a blast, everytime.
  15. If anyone remembers talking about that CYVR-KDFW route, I found the landing from that. TBH I don’t know what I would have done if I did not butter this landing. Sorry, but I am just too hyped!!! IMG_1651.MOV
  16. Is that a challenge😏 LOL! Kidding, you guys go out of your way to please every customer and I think we all would like to thank you and your team for being so dedicated!
  17. @The DudeGreat video! Quick question why would reversers be armed at the gate, I thought that was part of the before takeoff checklist?
  18. Could I tick that and just use my normal F4-F5 key?
  19. Believe me I'm no pilot, but I would guess that if you want to maximize realism then you should input the flight plan after the aircraft is in the turnaround state. If you're on a time crunch, then I assume you can just input you next FPL plan into the secondary FPL and make active once landed.
  20. Gotta go with KDCA River Visual, never the same, especially when you have a 15 knot crosswind during the turn, and especially with the crj.
  21. You could take it out of CYMX where they “were” manufactured like it is being delivered off the line to its company. Could be a cool first, realistic flight. Wrong quote lol meant for @Patrick Cullen
  22. If anyone ever has absolutely nothing else to do and wants to fly real world, long, flights in the CRJ, before the virus, Air Canada would operate CYVR-KDFW and CYVR- KSFO. Hate to say it...but I have actually flown the DFW route in sim and...it’s definitely only for the craziest of Avgeeks.
  23. Based off these cabin photos I’m going to assume that yes, you’ll be able to freely move around the cabin and set up custom views.
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