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  1. I like this. To me, this adds authenticity, and therefore immersion. It is very likely that during the long service of some of these aircraft, that they would need to have components replaced which would therefore not be a 100% match to the original.
  2. Is this alive again??? Amazing. Can't wait! Day 1 purchase for me. When will 'day 1' be??? 🙂
  3. Sorry to drag up an old comment, but are there any plans for a Maldives scenery? I went to Kuredu on my honeymoon in 2013 and getting off an Emirates 777 (awesome aircraft) and boarding a Trans-Maldives Twotter (even more awesome aircraft) and watching the pilots kick off their flip flops as we taxi'ed out was quite an experience!!!
  4. If anyone else (like me) is hungry for CRJ stuff, this video is very enjoyable ...
  5. Looks great ... seriously cannot wait for this! Take my money!!!
  6. He'll need shorts and flip flops for Trans Maldivian Airlines!!! (flying with these was one of the best experiences I've ever had!). I think given the option, I would turn him off, but I'm really pleased to see this project coming to MSFS either way!
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