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  1. It has already been confirmed that navigraph is able to update the CRJ navdata
  2. I think we can probably safely assume a 9-5 (even if it isn't this is probably the safest for our expectations) which puts the opening hours for Aerosoft another 1hr 30 away. Plus I'm assuming there'll be at least one meeting of some sort for coordination, final checks, coordination with Asobo, and a release that'll realistically catch as much of the world awake as possible, suggesting maybe 1700z (even tho I said 09:00z in the competition, kinda regretting that early now); either way I think for the best of all of our F5 keys we can probably take the morning off refreshing On that note, happy day everyone!
  3. Trust me as much as I wish it were today, I know it's tomorrow which is why I said release day Eve
  4. The current implementation of SimConnect in MSFS doesn't seem to send the necessary data to provide TCAS for injected models. Although in all honesty I don't think no TCAS is a deal breaker for flying on vatsim I've racked up many hours on there now and there was only one time where TCAS might've been useful, but in lieu of working TCAS I just have a live vatsim map open and keep an eye on anyone I see
  5. Just to temper expectations, let's remember today is an release DATE announcement, media gets it first and then it could be up to a week after that. Equally, media might not even get it today we're still looking at a week at least
  6. it's planned but won't be a launch feature due to WASM constraints
  7. The WT VNAV is "actual" VNAV in that it'll actually do the climb and descent for you. The VNAV in the CRJ will just show you a profile and it's up to you to stick to it
  8. Okay let's try this again, Happy release-date-announcement-Eve!
  9. Here we are, release-date-announcement-eve (never thought I'd be excited for one of those)
  10. At least I'll have been paid again before it comes out
  11. Please can we just talk about something other than a goddamn door 😩 mathijs has said his piece, the rest of us should just leave it and move on
  12. Best thing to do is just ignore them and move on they'll go cry on another forum that we will I'm sure all stay far away from
  13. I know they don't fly out of there but orbx's EGLC will be nice especially with the new photogrammetry
  14. Man I've never seen people get so worked up over a door lmao. Anyway as mathijs has said, there are other places to comment on the pixel count of a door texture. My question is, I was wondering if maybe after the launch of the -900/-1000 models if there were plans for some kind of "post mortem" as it were, what went well, what went not so well with the project etc
  15. Navigraph is well worth the £9.99 or whatever it is I pay for it imo, Navigraph Charts is very nice and the Simlink is nice to have too. The added bonus of unlocking new AIRAC cycles for SimBrief is also very welcome
  16. Whether wing flex is modelled or not, I think this project speaks for the capability of MSFS as a platform. Whereas on previous platforms, the cabin may have been too expensive to include, on MSFS it clearly isn't. On other sims, wing flex may have been too expensive to compute and animate, making it not worth it at sim scale for an RJ, but MSFS may have just allowed it. The graphical fidelity available to aircraft creators certainly seems second-to-none. The detail in the cabin, the quality of the liveries (not to diminish the work done by Aerosoft livery creators). I cannot wait to see where the sim gets us this time next year.
  17. I'm trying really hard to not hype myself too much before we see it in media hands but little bits like this are making it very difficult 🤣
  18. Looking good! Are we to expect these to start coming out once the RC is released? Or are you not committed to a timeline yet
  19. There is some confusion based on the lower end of the last page
  20. Wow I could've sworn I saw a post about how they were making a "cockpit simulator" so no cabin but hey I'm glad to be wrong Apologies for the misinformation and I'll keep my trap shut next time
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