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  1. i download the credits. I also activated one of my airports. When i went to fly a pop-up came and said you need to set the aircraft perimeter at the aes help icon . I did that and it said disconnected and said start fs and said place aircraft on active airport . I dont understand all of this. thanks
  2. Hi, I just bought a 10 credit pack. I downloaded it and added the serial number to activate, selected an airport to activate the credits, and restarted everything. When I go to fly now, a pop up comes on saying I need to set up aircraft parameters ("aircraft not properly configured"). When I go back to AES help to do this, it says "disconnected" in red and "Error while connecting Flightsim. Please start FS and place aircraft on active AES airport". It seems that it is not configured properly, but yet it won't let me configure. Any ideas??? Thanks
  3. if you buy buy credits is the airport time limited
  4. Ok but I don't know how to make work. thanks
  5. thanks if i put aes on an airport that came with fs2004 will it work, or do you need a payware scenery. i also have flytampa Boston that was free will it work on that.
  6. I also have a noobie question: I installed the demo version and I cannot get any of the airports to work. Do I have to purchase credits to get it to work? If so, is there anything else I need to purchase to use the selected airports permanently? I guess I just don't understand how this all works. I have FS9 and windows XP in a 7 year old computer. I'm 12 years old. Thanks
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