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  1. Sorry, but it's a bit confusing. However, I'm grateful for the update from you.
  2. Thanks for the reply. However, I do not see a 2.0 installer. The 2.0 installers are SODE and ORBX patches. See the image below. If I'm supposed to use of the SOBE or ORBX one, please let me know.
  3. I purchased Mega Airport Berlin Brandenburg Professional from the Aerosoft Shop. However, the only available download is The product page indicates that ASUpdater is then needed to update to 2.0, which is compatible with P3d v.5.1 -- the only P3d I have. I do not have P3d 4. When running the installer for at the very end it says there is no PD4 installation. All of the files appear to install regardless of the warning. But ASUpdater doesn't know the product is installed (I have some MSFS 2020 products which ASUpdater does see). ASUpdater also recognizes that P3d v.5.1 i
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